Pushpa Impossible 21st January 2023 Written Update: Vasundhara’s entry creates havoc for Dharam.

Pushpa Impossible 20th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Rashi hearing Ashwin and Deepti’s talk about Dileep but is not clear about what they said. Pushpa visits Deepti’s parents and shares them about everything. They were upset that she didn’t say about it to them . Pushpa explains her stand how she was worried that it could create problems between Ashwin and Deepti’s marriage. She says that Rashi doesn’t know the truth yet as it would unnecessarily disrupt her mental peace.

Deepti’s parents comforts her and assures to not speak about it in front of Rashi. Pushpa is on her way and recalls whatever DCP told. Mansi urgently calls Ashwin and says that she’s hurriedly leaving to Canada. She asks him to handle the Indian Branch shocking him and Deepti also hears it through speaker. Ashwin says that he would think and say. Rashi hears their conversation hiding. Ashwin says he wanted to quit but now ne is given the opportunity to operate the company. Deepti says its golden opportunity given the fact that he doesn’t have to face both Mansi and Dharam anymore. Ashwin says he would think about it.

Mansi and Dharam were about to leave when they get message that their tickets have been cancelled. They scold them for cancelling at last minute and asks who cancelled it. They see a car approaching and finds Mansi’s mother Vasundhara getting down from it. Dharam gets shocked seeing her while Mansi hugs her happily. Vasundhara passes accusing glances a t Dharam and Dharam wonders what it is. Mansi goes in with Vasundhara and thinks that she’s upset about not informing about the accident and Dharam says that he’s fit and fine. Vaundhara calls Dharam in private. Golu is playing snakes and ladder alone and calls Pushpa to join him.

Pushpa joins him and was about to win it when suddenly she falls down by a big snake. She’s confused about how she failed despite very close to win. Kaku comes there and Pushpa relates her life events with the game. She says she struggled so much to up her game only to be pulled down by Dileep and says whatever DCP told shocking Kaku. Vasundhara in private confronts Dharam about who’s Pushpa. Kaku advises Pushpa to not let her efforts go in vain due to Dileep and asks her to face the snake when it nears her. Dharam narrates whatever happened and Vasundhara says eh knew it all as she sent her manager Shashank to tail him. Dharam presents the negative DNA report but Vasundhara presents him the real positive DNA report. She says that she paid for the positive one more than he paid to hid the original report which is clear that Ashwin is his son. Dharam feels caught up.

Precap : Mansi will find both Dharam and Vasundhara sleeping separately and will suspect something wrong. She will see the real DNA reports and will shout for her mother. She will ask if it’s the reason she came from LA to India. Vasundhara didn’t have an answer.