Pushpa Impossible 27th March 2024 Written Update: Rukmani cautions Santosh

Pushpa Impossible 27th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Rashi talking to Tejaswi. Rashi says to Tejaswi what she saw. Tejaswi says to Juggal that he needs to come with them to the police station. Pushpa tries to stop Tejaswi. Tejaswi says to Pushpa that Rashi is an eye witness and they have to take her statement. Tejaswi asks Rashi to come with her to the police station to give her statement in writing. Rashi agrees. DCPTejaswi asks inspector Manoj to arrest Juggal. Pushpa stops the cops and says to Rashi that she should know that Juggal would never do something like that. Pushpa says this is a misunderstanding. Rashi says to Pushpa that she is the one who is misunderstanding and says to Pushpa it will be for her to open her eyes and see the truth. Pushpa says Juggal can never do something like that. Rashi says Juggal has done it. Juggal asks Pushpa to leave it. Juggal says to Rashi that he is the same Juggal who helped her in bringing Pushpa and Dilip together. Juggal asks Rashi to believe that he hasn’t done anything to Dilip. The cops take Juggal away from there. Ashwin goes after Juggal.

Rukmani comes to Santosh and says to Santosh that he killed Dilip but Pushpa is alive and says there is no benefit for her in all of this. Santosh says he will kill Pushpa and her family soon but for that they need to be calm as the police are on the look out. Rukmani threatens to give his name to the cops. Santosh threatens that she will also go down with him. Rukmani informs Santosh that Juggal has been arrested for Dilip’s murder and leaves from there.

Chirag overhears the Chawl people Gosspiing about Pushpa and Juggal’s relationship.

Ashwin apologises to Juggal for what is happening. Juggal asks Ashwin to leave it. Rashi gives her statement to the cops and signs on it.

Rashi returns to the Chawl. Rashi goes into Dilip’s room and cleans it thinking about Dilip.

Chirag comes and says to Rashi that sometimes things are more than what meets the eye. Rashi says not this time.

Bapodara says to Susheela that she will not allow an innocent person to go to jail so he asked Tejaswi to see this case to teh root. Pushpa comes to Bapodara. Bapodara suggests Pushpa to hire a lawyer. Pushpa agrees.

Deepti asks Ashwin if he thinks what Rashi said is the truth. Ashwin says Juggal would never do anything like that. Ashwin says he doesn’t understand what is going on.

Swara says he doesn’t like Juggal not being here. Ashwin says Juggak will return soon and asks her not to worry.

Pushpa and Bapodara come to Devi Singh office. Pushpa and Bapodara meet a lawyer arranged by Devi Singh as she is in Australia. Pushpa tells the lawyer what happened.

Ashwin checks the trips of Dilip and himself and says to Chirag about it. Chirag sees that Dilip has gone to a particular location a lot of times and devises to meet Santosh to get some information.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ashwin and Chirag meet Santosh. Chirag asks Santosh if he knew any enemy of Dilip. Santosh says Dilip has only one enemy and it is Juggal. Ashwin and Chirag get shocked hearing this.

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