Pushpa Impossible 29th October 2022 Written Update: Pushpa gets good news through Nanvati.

Pushpa Impossible 29th October 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pushpa’s employee calling Pushpa saying that Nanavati and Saran are there to meet him. Pushpa comes to greet him and Bapodhara too greets them for New Year. Nanavati greets him back in Gujarati. Bapodhara taunts Pushpa when Nanavati says to him about Pushpa going to Canada and taunts Bapodhara back. Pushpa mocks him while Saran writes on notice board that since Pushpa can’t go abroad due to Ashwin’s wedding the same day. So the awardees are coming India to honor Pushpa and award her the prize money shjocking Bapodhra. Bapodhara leaves fuming while the other laugh. Pushpa thanks Nanavati and Saran.

Bapodhara meets with Pratap along with Prarthana. Pratap greets them and gives them the form to fill. He then leaves aside to call Manish. He says about Bapodhara being there and is about to sign the form. Manish says that their job is not done only with this as right now he only agreed to send her for Ahmedabad but they should make sure to get her to stay there in Mumbai. He apologizes Pratap for making him do all this but Pratap doesn’t mind. Pushpa is showing Ashwin the jewels Pushpa bought for Deepti. She says it may not be much but really mean a lot to her. Two people comes to the chawl and looks at them with jewels. Pushpa and Ashwin sees them and asks them about who they are. They say that they are Ramesh’s friends and came to meet Ramesh’s wife to ask about Ramesh. Pushpa shows him the way and they leave. Pushpa feesl something wrong and goes to Neeelima’s house. Neelima says that none came to her house and Pushpa is doubtful. Pushpa asks her to ne careful and leaves while they both watched her hiding.

They recall Ramesh asking them to steal from Pushpa’s house who would be busy with marriage preparations. They say that though Ramesh is not with them they decide to go on with their plan. Pushpa and Neelima comes to visit Ramesh at hospital. Nurse say that she already got scolded for letting Bapodhara meet Ramesh and asks them to make it quick. Neelima and Pushpa gets confused hearing it. Pushpa and Neelima are at home and couldn’t understand why would Bapodhara come to meet Ramesh as he’s not that way. They decide to ask Susheela about it. Pushpa takes her leave asking her to be careful while Neelima gets confused still. Ashwin, Chirag and Prarthana are dance practicing. Pushpa forces Rashi to go to school, who wants to take leave with marriage as excuse. She finally agrees. Ramesh’s friends plan to enter Pushpa house as caterers. Ashwin gets doubtful seeing them and stops them. He identifies them as the one who came asking for Neelima’s address and they both gets caught.

Precap: Deepti’s grandmother will get angry at her parents for conducting Deepti’s wedding in chawl. Shea sks if they couldn’t find even a single proper house for Deepti to get married. Sonal reasons that it’s love marriage but she didn’t care. She then asks whether they checked with the horoscope and they say no. Dadi says that she won’t let the marriage happen without the horoscope matching.

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