Pushpa Impossible 30th May 2024 Written Update: Ashwin feels guilty

Pushpa Impossible 30th May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Saran talking with Juggal over the phone. Juggal says they will leave from here once they get the death certificate of Bhaskar. Saran says he will prepare for Bhaskar’s last rites. Juggak agrees.

Bhaskar seeks MLA Patil’s help to squash the investigation. Raj Patil says he will talk to the cops and see what he can do.

Susheela comes to Radha. Susheela says no one has the guts to tell the truth to Shobha about Bhaskar’s death.

Raj Patil talks with the police inspector and asks the police inspector to make sure that there is no severe punishment to Prarthna. Raj Patil’s secretary is shown to be recording Raj Patil’s conversation with the cop over the phone and he decides to use it to take revenge on Bapodara for going against Raj Patil last time.

Ashwin returns home along with Deepti, Chirag and Pushpa. Ashwin asks Chirag if Shobha knows about Bhaskar’s death. Deepti asks Ashwin not to take too much stress.

Shobha comes out and sees the ambulance. The cops come to the Chawl. The cops say they came here to take statement of Prarthna as Prarthna’s car is the one that hit Bhaskar and Ashwin’s bike. Ashawari gets shocked learning it.

Shobha asks Pushpa what is going on. Ashawari says to Shobha that Bhaskar is dead. Ashawari says to Shobha that Ashwin left Bhaskar to die and he went to the hospital and comments on him.

Ashawari asks Pushpa to stay away from Shobha and pushes her away. Susheela says to Ashawari that it was just an accident and says Prarthna hasn’t wantonly done this. Ashawari asks Susheela to tell that to Arav and comments on it. Ashawari comes to Bapodara and asks Bapodara if he will punish the culprit that is responsible for Bhaskar’s death that is Prarthna. Bapodara stays silent. Juggal asks Bapodara to leave from here and if not things might get out of control. Bapodara agrees.

Bapodara asks Susheela not to worry and says he talked to Raj Patil about Prarthna’s case. Bapodara says they will see what will happen. Susheela says to Bapodara that with his influence he might close the case but they have to live with the truth that Prarthna is responsible for Bhaskar’s death.

Shobha and Ashawari see Bhaskar’s body and cry on it.

Ashwin blames himself for Bhaskar’s death as if 2 seconds before he turned the bike Bhaskar wouldn’t have died. Pushpa says to Ashwin that it was an accident and asks Ashwin to stop blaming himself.

Episode ends.

Precap:- In the news it is reported that Bapodara is misusing his power as corporator to close the case in which Prarthna took the life of Bhaskar in an accident.

Pushpa asks Chirag how could media get this information. Chirag says someone might have wantonly leaked this news.

In the news they also play audio recording of Bapodara asking Raj Patil to close the case.

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