Pushpa Impossible 31st May 2024 Written Update: Ashwin blames Prarthna

Pushpa Impossible 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ashawari doing Bhaskar last rites. Ashwin cries thinking about Bhaskar. Bapodara asks Bhaskar to forgive Prarthna.

Chirag says to Prarthna that Bhaskar has left everyone forever. Chirag asks Prarthna why did she need to go outside and why did she need to hold steering Prarthna says she will never be able to forgive herself and says she doesn’t know how she will face Shobha, Ashawari and others.

Ashwin tries to go to Ashawari to talk to her. Pushpa and family try to stop Ashwin.

Bapodara comes to Chirag and asks Chirag if he also thinks Prarthna is a culprit. The police come to take Prarthna’s statement. Prarthna says to the cops what happened. The cops leave from there after taking Prarthna’s statement. The lawyer asks Prarthna not to worry and says according to the law she is not a criminal. Prarthna says she is a criminal according to herself and says she will never be able to forgive herself.

Ashwin and Pushpa’s family come to Ashawari. Ashawari closes the doors on Ashwin’s face. Ashwin apologises to Ashawari. Pushpa drags Ashwin away from there.

Radha asks Pushpa what happened. Pushpa says Ashwin wanted to apologise to Ashawari but she closed the door on his face and says three families are on the verge of destruction and she doesn’t know how to handle it. Radha asks Pushpa to take care of Ashwin and says she will take care of Ashawari and Shobha. Pushpa agrees and leaves from there.

Pushpa asks Ashwin to go and take rest. Swara asks Pushpa if she will throw Prarthna out of the house. Pushpa says no. Swara asks Pushpa if Ashwin will also be angry like Ashawari against Prarthna. Pushpa thinks she hasn’t thought about it.

Prarthna comes to the Chawl. Ashwin sees Prarthna and he just leaves from there. Deepti also leaves along with Ashwin.

Susheela seeing this says to Pushpa that they will take Prarthna for their house for a few day. Pushpa agrees and Susheela and Bapodara’s insistence.

Ashwin says to Deepti that he wasn’t able to face Prarthna as he knows Prarthna is not at fault but the heart is just blaming her. Deepti says Prarthna is also under pressure as due to her Bhaskar lost his life.

Prarthna is consumed by guilt and thinks this accident changed everything. Susheela and Bapodara comfort Prarthna. Swara comes to meet Prarthna.

Episode ends.

Precap:- In the news it is reported that Bapodara is misusing his power as corporator to close the case in which Prarthna took the life of Bhaskar in an accident.

Pushpa asks Chirag how could media get this information. Chirag says someone might have wantonly leaked this news.

In the news they also play audio recording of Bapodara asking Raj Patil to close the case.

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