Pushpa Impossible 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Bapodara objects to Chirag’s idea

Pushpa Impossible 3rd June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ashwin is shown to be preparing tea in the kitchen. Deepti and Pushpa come into the kitchen. Ashwin while pouring tea into the cup recalls the accident and spills the tea. Ashwin apologises and says he will clean it right away. Deepti asks Ashwin to leave it and sends him away. Deepti says to Pushpa that the accident has really affected Ashwin as he wakes up in the middle of the night shouting and comments on it.

Juggal tries to comfort Ashwin and asks Ashwin to forget about the accident. Ashwin asks Juggal how will he feel if Pushpa gets injured due to him. Juggal stays silent. Ashwin says he lost his friend Bhaskar due to his mistake and he has to live with it.

Ashawari runs into Bapodara. Ashawari accuses Bapodara of misusing his power to protect Prarthna. Bapodara says to Ashawari that the audio clip isn’t complete. Ashawari comments on it. Ashawari later leaves from there. Pushpa says to Bapodara that she already told him not to do this but he still did it. Bapodara says Prarthna is innocent. Pushpa says she knows but his actions instead of helping Prarthna they are making her the culprit. Chirag says to Pushpa that they need to do something. Chirag shares his plan with Pushpa.

Chirag and Pushpa come to Bapodara and say to Bapodara that they would like to call for a press meet to clear Prarthna’s name. Bapodara doesn’t agree to it. Prarthna says to Chirag that she is with him and asks Chirag to go with his idea. Bapodara comments on it.

Arav is shown to be Saran. Rashi and Swara come to Arav. Swara plays with Arav. Ashawari witnesses it. Ashawari comes and says to Swara that there is no need for her to play with Arav. Deepti asks Ashawari to stop trying to take away Arav’s support system. Deepti reminds Ashawari that what happened was just an accident and says Ashwin might have also been in Bhaskar’s position. Deepti also says she knows that neither Ashwin bit Chirag left Bhaskar to die and comments on it. Neelima asks Ashawari to eat some food. Ashawari thinks about Bhaskar and leaves from there.

Pushpa says to Deepti that she shouldn’t have scolded Ashawari like that. Deepti says someone should make Ashawari realise the truth as Ashawari is just looking for someone to blame and comments on it.

Chirag says to Prarthna if she is ready for the press meet tomorrow. Prarthna says yes. Bapodara still objects to the press meet. Chirag comments on it.

Chirag talks with Pushpa and says to Pushpa that until she is with them they will get full strength to do anything. Pushpa comments on it.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Chirag gives the good news to Bapodara that he and Prarthna have passed their exams. Bapodara asks Chirag what are his plans next. Chirag says Prarthna has decided to leave the Chawl .

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