Pushpa Impossible 4th June 2024 Written Update: Bapodara gives his resignation to Raj Patil

Pushpa Impossible 4th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pushpa thinking about Bhaskar. Pushpa’s family is shown to be thinking about Bhaskar. Deepti comforts Ashwin. Pushpa comes and looks at Ashawari through the window. Pushpa sees Ashawari is looking at Bhaskar and her photo albums. Pushpa leaves from there.

Juggal comes and sits beside Pushpa and talks to her.

The next day, Ridhi says to Chirag that she called all the press reporters. Chirag thanks Ridhi.

Hasmukh shows the photo of Pushpa and Juggal hugging each other to his neighbour and says something is going on in between Pushpa and Juggal and says now he also has proof. Hasmukh asks the neighbour if he should speak out today as reporters are also coming here. The neighbour says no and reminds that it will not be good as everyone is sad about Bhaskar’s death.

The secretary instigates Raj Patil against Bapodara reminding Raj Patil that Bapodara has gone against Raj Patil in the Basti incident and he became a hero. Raj Patil’s secretary asks Raj Patil to ask Bapodara for his resignation and stain his reputation. Raj Patil agrees.

The reporters come to the Chawl. The reporters ask Prarthna in the press meet about why did her father misuse his power to close the case. Prarthna stays silent. Chirag answers the reporters that driver Sudhakar got a heart attack and Prarthna took the steering wheel trying to control the car at that time. Prarthna doesn’t know Ashwin and Chirag are coming towards her on the bike. Prarthna accidentally hit Ashwin and Bhaskar. Chirag says they lost a very important family member in that accident. The reporter asks Chirag if Prarthna is not at fault why did Bapodara he ask Raj Patil to hide this matter from ten reporters. Chirag asks the reporters what choice did he have as after they got the audio clip they made it look like Prarthna is guilty and they never tried to find out Prarthna’s point of view. The reporters thank Chirag for clearing their doubts.

Raj Patil calls Bapodara and asks Bapodara for his resignation. Bapodara comes to Raj Patil and comments on Raj Patil as he asked for his resignation instead of supporting him. Bapodara gives his resignation to Raj Patil.

The police come to the Chawl and reveal to Bapodara that his car is ready and they can take it back. The police say to Bapodara he needs to pay Rs 5 lakhs compensation for the family. Bapodara says he will pay Ra 10 lakhs and he will also take up Arav’s studies funds.

Bapodara comes to Ashawari to give the compensation. Ashawari comments on Bapodara.

Episode ends.

Precap;- Chirag reveals to his family that Prarthna and him decided to leave the Chawl.

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