Pushpa Impossible 5th June 2024 Written Update: Pushpa indirectly helps Ashawari

Pushpa Impossible 5th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pushpa coming to Ashawari and saying to Ashawari that the court has decided to compensation of Rs 5 lakhs and Bapodara is giving him Rs 10 lakhs from his heart. Pushpa says she deserves this compensation and asks Ashawari to take it. Ashawari refuses the compensation and asks Bapodara to take back this compensation and leave from here. Bapodara and Susheela leave from there. Ashawari cries to herself.

After 3 weeks, Rukmani calls Pushpa and asks Pushpa to come as there is a meeting. Pushpa says she forgot about it. Pushpa says she will come there right away.

Deepti is about to take Swara to school. Pushpa and Deepti talk about Ashawari not talking to them. Pushpa decides to do something about it.

Saran says to Ashawari that she will get Rs 50 lakhs due to Bhaskar life insurance. Saran says to Ashawari that she also needs to accept Bapodara’s compensation. Ashawari doesn’t agree to it. Saran reminds Ashawari of her responsibilities to her family. Ashwari agrees to take legal compensation of Rs 5 lakhs but she will not accept the rest of Bapodara’s money. Saran agrees. Saran says to Ashawari that she needs to go out and work. Ashawari says she can’t leave Arav alone on Shobha. Saran says they will figure out a way and comfort her. Rashi witnesses this from afar.

Saran runs into Pushpa. Pushpa asks Saran about Ashawari’s condition. Saran says she has come out of trauma but her anger is still the same. Saran says now Ashawari has to go out and work but she can’t leave thinking about Arav. Pushpa thinks of making Ashawari work from home.

Susheela says to Bapodara that he needs to go out and till how long will he stay in this house. Bapodara comments on it as due to him being a corporator Prarthna paid for it. Bapodara says to Susheela that party left him when he needed them the most. Sangeeta comes to Bapodara and says Party is bigger than one person and he needed to pay the price for the party. Sangeeta says now he can join the party again. Sangeeta also says Raj Patil came to invite him into the party.

Prarthna and Chirag say to Rashi that today is their results. Rashi wishes all the best to both of them.

Prarthna while leavening outside runs into Ashawari. Ashawari looks at Prarthna like a criminal and leaves from there.

Pushpa talks with Dealer and asks him for his scrap. The dealer agrees.

Prarthna says to Chirag that she can’t stay in this Chawl anymore so she decided to move out of the Chawl. Prarthna says she can’t face Ashawari everyday. Chirag calms down Prarthna.

Bapodara asks Ramesh for his opinion if he should join the corporation position or not. Ramesh says yes.

Deepti asks Ashwin to talk to Ashawari. Ashwin agrees and leaves from there.

Pushpa says to Saran that Ashawari will get scrap and she needs stitch it and make designs. Saran says he will convince Ashawari for it.

Saran says to Ashawari about Pushpa’s idea as his idea and he will teach her how to stitch. Ashawari agrees. Ashwin witnesses it from afar.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sonal asks Pushpa to change from the Chawl. Pushpa doesn’t agree .

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