Pushpa Impossible 6th June 2024 Written Update: Prarthna reveals her intention to leave the Chawl

Pushpa Impossible 6th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Susheela seeing her baby bump in the mirror. Bapodara seeing this comments on Susheela. Bapodara and Susheela worry about Chirag and Prarthna’s results. Bapodara and Susheela leave to Pushpa’s house. Deepti asks Ashwin if he met Ashawari. Ashwin says no and says Saran is with Ashawari and says he thought it is not the right time to meet Ashawari. Chirag and Prarthna come to Pushpa’s house and they reveal that they have both passed. Pushpa offers sweets to everyone. Bapodara asks Chirag what are they going to do next. Chirag says to everyone that Prarthna is traumatised with Bhaskar’s accident and she is not able to face Ashawari’s hate towards her. Chirag says to Bapodara that Prarthna is thinking of shifting to someplace else. Radha sees Mithali learning from Juggal how to do Patoda and praises Juggal. Radha makes a request to Saran asking him to make Mithali restart her studies. Saran says he will see what she can do. Bapodara agrees with Prarthna’s idea of leaving the Chawl for some time. Pushpa objects to it and says this is is not a solution to run away from problems. Prarthna says she is not able to face Ashawari’s hate towards her. Pushpa talks with Ashwin about how to gift a sewing machine to Ashawari. Ashwin says they will buy a new sewing machine for Ashwari.Ashwin and Deepti leave to buy it and he rejects Swara coming with them in the car as he is worried for her. Pushpa talks with Juggal and says she thought of making Radha gift Ashawari. Hasmukh takes pictures of Pictures of Pushpa and Juggal together. Pushpa later meets Radha and asks Radha to gift the sewing machine to Ashawari to start her work. Radha agrees. Radha gifts the sewing machine to Ashawari. Ashwari thanks Radha. Pushpa and her family witness it from afar. Hasmukh shows the photos to the neighbour and says something is going on in between Juggal and Pushpa. Juggal takes Hasmukh’s phone and sees the photos. Juggal takes Hasmukh to aside. Juggal brings Hasmukh to Pushpa and says to Pushpa that Hasmukh is their fan as he is taking their photos and shows it to Pushpa. Hasmukh asks Juggal to give back his phone if not he will call for everyone. Episode ends. Precap:- Sonal asks Pushpa to change from the Chawl. Pushpa doesn’t agree.

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