Pushpa Impossible 7th June 2024 Written Update: Deepti reprimands Ashwin

Pushpa Impossible 7th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Hasmukh threatening Juggal saying if he tried to do anything to him he will show those photo of Palgarh to everyone in the Chawl. Juggal takes Hasmukh to aside.

Juggal comments on Hasmukh. Juggal asks Hasmukh to delete those photos if not he will beat him up with a stick. Pushkar explains to Hasmukh what really happened in the Palgarh. Juggal asks Hasmukh to delete the photos if not he will not beat him up. Hasmukh deletes the photo. Juggal sends him away. Pushpa scolds Juggal for saying that he is alone and reminds him that she is always there for him.

Saran comes to Ashawari and sees that Ashawari already got the hang of stitching and praises her. Rashi comes to Saran and says to Saran that she collected information for him and asks Saran to come and look at it. Saran says to Rashi you keep that information with her and says he will talk to her later.

Juggal says to Pushpa that she should allow Prarthna and Chirag to go and stay seperately. Pushpa doesn’t agree. Pushpa says she can’t live without them. Juggal comments on it.

Ashwin sees Swara swinging on the swing. Ashwin worries for Swara’s safety and stops Swara. Ashwin says to Swara that she will not swing on the swing again as it is not safe for her. Mahindra comments on Ashwin and takes Golu away from there. Swara cries as Ashwin stopped her playing. Deepti stops Ashwin and sends Swara away.

Deepti reprimands Ashwin and asks Ashwin to stop trying to out fear in Swara’s life. Deepti says she knows he is affected with Bhaskar’s death but she will not allow him to ruin Swara’s life because of it. Ashwin says he is only thinking about his daughter’s safety. Deepti comments on it. Pushpa comes to Ashwin and tries to calm him down but he doesn’t calm down and gets into a heated argument with Deepti.

Ashawari shows the first bag that she made to Bhaskar. Saran asks Ashawari to not stop tears and comments on it.

Deepti comments on Ashwin. Sonal and Manish come there. Sonal asks Pushpa why the sudden tension. Deepti says to Sonal what happened. Manish suggests them to go on a holiday. Sonal says to Pushpa that high time she thought about moving out of this Chawl. Pushpa says if a problem comes they should face it not run away. Sonal says if they stay here there is only pain. Pushpa still doesn’t agree. Sonal asks Pushpa to stop being selfish and allow he skids to grow up. Pushpa comments on it. Pushpa asks Sonal not to interfere in this matter. Sonal reminds they are also part of her family and comments on Pushpa.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Pushpa asks her family to make choice if she is right or Sonal.

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