Pushpa Impossible 8th February 2024 Written Update: Ashwin complaints to the cops about the stolen money

Pushpa Impossible 8th February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Bapodara trying to convince Susheela to give up the baby. Bapodara reminds Susheela that they are living in the society and if they don’t follow its rules the others will laugh at them. Bapodara also reminds Susheela that it will not be good for her at this age to be pregnant as it is a big responsibility. Bapodara says they can’t keep the baby. Bapodara says he will take doctor’s appointment and leaves from there.


Deepti, Juggal, and Dilip come to the reception to search for the thief. Deepti looks around. Juggal decides to look at the CCTV footage.

Pushpa worries about the money that has stolen. Pushpa talks with her neighbours about it.

Bapodara says to Susheela that he made an appointment for tomorrow and they should go to hospital today to do a few tests. Susheela agrees.

Dilip asks the receptionist for information about the patients to find out about the thief. Dilip asks the receptionist to give him all the details of the patient on Juggal’s floor. The receptionist says it is private information and they can’t give it. Dilip says they have to give if the police come here and says their hospital name will be tarnished if he goes to the police and asks them to give the details saying he will enquire in his own way. The receptionist agrees.

Ashwin and Chirag talk with the bank manager. The bank manager says they freezed the accounts and says anymore money will not be stolen and asks them not to worry. Ashwin asks the bank manager if this money can be traced where did it go. The bank manager says it can be done through UTR no. The bank manager asks Ashwin and Chirag to first complaint to the cyber cell and give a copy here. Ashwin agrees and leaves from there.

Pushpa asks Juggal over the phone if they got anything. Juggal says they haven’t got anything till now. Pushpa asks Juggal to keep an eye on Dilip. Juggal says Dilip is helping them a lot. Pushpa comments on it. Rashi asks Pushpa to admit that Dilip has changed.

Dilip says to Juggal and Deepti that this is the list of all the patients on this floor. Dilip says that thief might be a relative to a patient and he might come here again. Dilip says to Deepti that Chirag can make a sketch of that thief. Deepti agrees and calls Chirag.

Bapodara and Susheela give the keys to Prathna and leave to the hospital. Prathna feels suspicious as Bapodara and Susheela are not telling her anything. Prathna decides to snoop in the house to find out what are Bapodara and Susheela are hiding. Pushpa also helps Prathna but they don’t find anything.

Ashwin and Chirag meet the police officer and complaints to them about their money being stolen. Ashwin asks the cyber cell officer to take his complaint. The cyber cell officer says this is the 10th complaint today.

Ashwin gives the complaint to cyber cell officer.

Deepti describes the thief to Chirag. Chirag makes the sketch of the thief. Deepti confirms that it is the thief. Juggal asks Chirag to send this photo to the cops and they will also search here. Chirag agrees and sends the photo to the cops.

The police officer gives the sketch to cyber cell. Ashwin thinks with this the police will be able to catch the thief quickly.

Dilip, Deepti and Juggal search in the hospital for the thief with the sketch. The thief pass by them by they don’t notice him.

Pushpa decides to go and search for the thief herself as they haven’t caught the thief till now. Pushpa leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pushpa runs into Bapodara and asks Bapodara what is he doing here. Bapodara says he came to get medicine for Susheela and today is Susheela’s operation. Pushpa asks Bapodara what happened to Susheela. Bapodara says Susheela is a pregnant.

Bapodara thinks Susheela prayed to God for getting a child and now she is getting an abortion. Bapodara says to Pushpa that they should stop this.

Bapodara and Pushpa come to the hospital and they ask the nurse to stop the operation but the doctor comes and says that the abortion is completed. Bapodara feels devastated hearing this.

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