Pushpa Impossible 8th June 2024 Written Update: Pushpa worries about her family

Pushpa Impossible 8th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sonal arguing with Pushpa. Sonal tries to convince Pushpa to shift to some place. Pushpa asks Sonal to not interfere in this matter. Sonal reminds Pushpa that their daughter is in their home and they are also part of their family not some outsiders. Manish asks Sonal to allow Pushpa to think about it as she already put her point of view. Sonal and Manish leave from there.

Pushpa asks Deepti what did Sonal say and asks them if she is forcing them to stay together. Pushpa asks Deepti if it makes them feel uncomfortable to be together in this family.

Deepti says to Pushpa that Sonal is right from her point of view and says to Pushpa that she is also right. Pushpa asks Deepti to make a choice if she is right or Sonal is right. Deepti asks Pushpa not to make her choose in between them. Deepti also says just because they stay seperate doesn’t mean they will become enemies. Pushpa gets upset with Deepti’s words and leaves from there. Ashwin also leaves from there.

Prarthna says to Deepti that Sonal is right and comments on it.

Pushpa comes to Juggal and says to Juggal that she needs a tea. Juggal brings tea to Pushpa. Pushpa complaints to Juggal saying everyone is thinking seperating her family. Juggal asks Pushpa to do what she thinks is right. Pushpa says she never knew one day she had to take this kind of decision.

Chirag and Deepti talk about Ashwin and Prarthna being traumatised with what happened.

Manish says to Sonal that she is interfering in Pushpa’s family matter. Sonal gets upset with Manish words and comments on it. Sonal says she is hurt with how Pushpa behaved with her. Deepti calls Sonal and asks Sonal if her anger calmed down. Sonal says no and comments on it.

Saran comes to Juggal and Pushpa and shows them the bags made by Ashawari. Pushpa gets an idea seeing it and leaves from there.

Pushpa says nobody is going anywhere. Pushpa says they will stay together as family and face all the problems. Pushpa tells her family that they need to face the problems. She gives them an example of Ashwari. Prathna asks if they need to face these troubles everyday. Pushpa tells her that they need to search for a way to overcome their problems.

Varsha gives her earned money to Radha. Radha says it’s her earned money so she has a right. Varsha asks Radha to handle the money matters. Radha asks Varsha to give that responsibility to Maithili so she can learn and handle her sasural after her marriage. Varsha gives money to Maithli.

Pushpa gives sweets to Susheela. She tells Bapodhara that she feels it’s good if they will send Prathna to Junagadh. Bapodhara says it’s a good idea and agrees with her. Pushpa thinks Prathna’s problem is solved and decides to take care of Ashwin.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prarthna gets upset with Pushpa as she wanted to leave the Chawl forever but Pushpa sent her out for sometime. Prarthna complaints to Chirag about it as she can’t take her own decisions and says she always has to listen to Pushpa. Prathna asks Chirag to get down from the car and says she will handle things on her own.

Chirag reveals to Bapodara and Pushpa that Prarthna asked him to get down from the car as she wanted to handle thinks on her own.

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