Pushpa Impossible 9th February 2024 Written Update: Bapodara changes his decision about Susheela’s abortion

Pushpa Impossible 9th February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pushpa thinking that it will be better for her to go and search for the thief herself so she leaves to the hospital.


Rashi asks Prathna if she talked to Bapodara about what are they worried about. Prathna says they haven’t told her anything and they just told her reason and left.

The doctor asks Bapodara and Susheela to sign on the consent forum. Bapodara and Susheela sign on the consent forum. The doctor says that the operation is tomorrow.

Bapodara and Susheela leave doctors room. Bapodara asks Susheela why is she looking sad. Bapodara reminds Susheela that they took the decision together to do abortion. Susheela reminds Bapodara that he just announced his decision not her. Bapodara says he knows it is tough for her to take this decision that’s why he took it.

Pushpa runs into the thief in the hospital and drops her purse. The thief picks it up. Pushpa thanks the thief and leaves from there.

Pushpa asks Juggal if they going out anything. Juggal says they haven’t found out anything. Pushpa sees the sketch and says she just ran into him and shows the thief.

The thief spots Deepti and her family and thinks he got caught. The thief runs away from them.

The police runs into the thief. The police catch the thief and asks the thief if he will admit here or in the police station.

The thief says that his uncle is admitted in the hospital and he needed money and he got job to install spyware in other people’s phones and he will get the commission due to it. The police asks the thief how did he install the spyware in Deepti’s phone. The thief says how he did it. Chiraj asks the thief to uninstall the spyware software. The police say they will find their money soon and asks Pushpa not to worry. The police take the thief away from there.

The next morning, Bapodara says to Susheela that they need to leave to the hospital right away. Susheela agrees.

Rashi praises Dilip that he forgave Bapodara and he is also working as a cab driver.

Pushpa and Prathna decide to go and talk to Bapodara to find out what are they hiding.

Bapodara and Susheela come to the hospital. Prathna and Pushpa find that Bapodara’s house is locked. Prathna calls Bapodara and asks Bapoadara where is he. Bapodara says they went to the temple. Prathna says to Pushpa about it. Pushpa goes to take the raw material.

The doctor says to Bapodara and Susheela that she will start the procedure after a while. The doctor asks Bapodara to get the medicine and tells Bapodara the address of the pharmacy. The doctor leaves from there.

Susheela asks Bapodara to think again. Bapodara says to Susheela that this is the right decision. Bapodara goes to get medicine.

Pushpa finds a mother searching for her kid in the market. Pushpa helps her. Bapodara sees a kid crying for his mother. Bapodara asks the crowd whose kid is this.

The nurse asks Susheela to take this medicine and the procedure will be started in a minute.

Bapodara and Pushpa meet each other. The mother’s kid thanks Bapodara for bringing the kid to her. The mother and kid the leave from there. The doctor asks Susheela to come to the operation theatre.

Pushpa asks Bapodara what is he doing here and what is he hiding. Bapodara reveals to Pushpa about Susheela’s pregnancy and says she is getting aborted today.

Bapodara thinks a lot of people pray to God for getting a child and now they are aborting a kid. Bapodara says to Pushpa that they should stop this.

Pushpa calls for the auto driver. The auto driver drinks tea at a stall. Pushpa sees that there are keys to the auto. Pushpa asks Bapodara to get in the auto and drives the auto to the hospital. Bapodara praises Pushpa as she knows how to drive the auto.

Bapodara and Pushpa come to the hospital and they ask the nurse to stop the operation but the doctor comes and says that the abortion is completed. Bapodara feels devastated hearing this.

Episode ends.

Precap:- A kid eve teases Rashi. Dilip beats up the kid. Pushpa admonishes Dilip. Dilip comments on it and leaves from there.

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