Pushpa Impossible 9th January 2023 Written Update: Pushpa’s family takes good care of Pushpa due to her injury.

Pushpa Impossible 9th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pushpa saying DCP that Dileep never returned and she only identified his dead corpse. DCP asks how did she identify that it’s her husband’s body when it’s fully burnt. Pushpa recalls visiting the morgue and finding a fully burnt hand with the bracelet which she tied for Dileep when he left Paatan. DCP asks whether she knows someone called Jogi Dhayal but {Pushpa says no. DCP takes her leave saying that this information could e of big help to her in her investigation. Bapodhara finds DCP’s car parked at the wrong place and shouts at the owner of the vehicle. He backs off knowing that she’s DCP. DCP enquires him about Dileep and Bapodhara says all the bad things about him including him hurting his ear. She asks when did he die and Bapodhara says he dies when his third child Rashi was in her mother’s womb. She recalls finding Pushpa’s family’s tree in Dharam’s ward without Rashi’s name in it. She takes her leave.

Nurse says Mansi that Dharam will be discharged soon as he’s now shifted to ward from ICU. Dharam asks Mansi about Bapodhara and Mansi explains him a bout their deal with Bapodhara. He recalls his fight with him in the past and says that he’s much safer here. Mansi agrees with him wondering why would Jogi want to kill him when he’s ready to give the money. Dharam brushes it off saying that business rivals would have wanted him dead. Mansi gives him all the documents requested by Police and recalls getting all the fake one made in Dubai. He thinks that he’s again coming back to the same end point and wants to leave soon. Pushpa shares her concern with Radha whoa asks her to stop thinking about the bygones. DCP connects all the dots and finds that Dharam is Dileep.

Pushpa recalls DCP’s words and gets worried at night. Chirag is also recalling Dharam and Dileep’s face resemblance and wonder whether he should say about it to his mother. Pushpa goes to kitchen but breaks things in her absent mind. Everyone rushes to her and suggests to clean the mess. Pushpa says that she herself would clean her mess but Deepti says that it’s their duty to serve her and asks her not to feel alone. they all serve her while playing her favorite music as her hands are not completely recovered. They help her with getting ready to household chores. Pushpa feels blessed with her children’s care. Pushpa is worried about her prelims but none has answer for it.

Chirag wonders how can someone resemble so much like other persona and wonders if he’ s really Dileep. He says that it’s not possible as his dead years back. He sketches Dharam’s sketch. He says that he can’t understand what’s the truth. DCP decides to get Dileep’s fingerprints from Hyderabad jail records and match it with Dharam’s fingerprints to find the truth.

Precap : Mansi will call Bapodhara disloyal to everyone including Janani and her. She will ask him to leave as she don’t wish to keep any contact with him. Bapodhara will ask Dharam to make Mansi understand. Dharam will come close to his ears and will ask him to leave. Bapodhara will get shocked to hear his voice.

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