Pushpa Impossible: Bapodara in a predicament?

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Sony SAB’s popular Show Pushpa Impossible Is Witnessing An Interesting Track where, Ashawari discovers Prarthna is responsible for Bhaskar’s death.

As reported earlier, The cops come to the Chawl. The cops say they came here to take statement of Prarthna as Prarthna’s car is the one that hit Bhaskar and Ashwin’s bike. Ashawari gets shocked learning it.

Ashawari asks Pushpa to stay away from Shobha and pushes her away. Susheela says to Ashawari that it was just an accident and says Prarthna hasn’t wantonly done this. Ashawari asks Susheela to tell that to Arav and comments on it. Ashawari comes to Bapodara and asks Bapodara if he will punish the culprit that is responsible for Bhaskar’s death that is Prarthna. Bapodara stays silent. Juggal asks Bapodara to leave from here and if not things might get out of control. Bapodara agrees.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness, In the news it is reported that Bapodara is misusing his power as corporator to close the case in which Prarthna took the life of Bhaskar in an accident.

Pushpa asks Chirag how could media get this information. Chirag says someone might have wantonly leaked this news.

In the news they also play audio recording of Bapodara asking Raj Patil to close the case.

What will happen next?

Will this accident create a rift in Pushpa’s family?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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