Pushpa Impossible: Nanavati agrees to get Rashi punished?

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Sab Tv popular show Pushpa currently focuses on Bapodhara’s truth along with Rashi’s rustication on cards.

Previously we have seen that, Pushpa learnt that Rashi was performing poor and took leave for coaching classes. She confronted about it. Pushpa united Sonal and Maasi. Kaku left with her grand daughter to Pune with Varsha and Pranav succeeding in their plan.

Bapodhara had another family in Surat while it was revealed that he was responsible for his elder brother’s death. It was his secret between Ramesh and him. Aryan got severely injured due to Rashi’s bullying. Rashi suffered fever scared about the consequences.

Pushpa united Sonal and Maasi clearing their diffrences. Nanavati and Saran left to enquire Aryan in hospital. Aryan revealed after lots of persuasions that it’s Rashi who planned it with Deepika. Rashi is narrated wharever happened to Ashwin and Chirag. Pushpa learnt about Rashi’s deeds and felt ashamed.

She visited Aryan in hospital and apologized him. Maasia gain hurted Sonal with her words. Pushpa confronted Rashi who refused to apologize Aryan no matter what.
In the future episodes we will witness, Aryan’s father will demand to give fair punishment to Aryan’s culprit too just like they did with Aryan. He will demand to rusticate Rashi from school while Pushpa will stand worried.

She will confront Rashi about the same but Rashi will say that it all happened only because Aryan got readmitted in the school and doesn’t repent for her actions.

Will Kaku comes back home? Will Rashi gets punished? Will Bapodhara gets exposed?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
Stay tuned for more updates.