Pushpa Impossible: Pushpa denies Rashi’s request?

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Sony SAB’s popular Show Pushpa Impossible Is Witnessing An Interesting Track Where Chirag gets suspicious of Ashwin.


As reported earlier Juggal overhears Hasmukh commenting on his and Pushpa’s relationship. Juggal slaps Hasmukh and starts beating him up. Bapodara stops Juggal and asks Juggal why is he hitting Hasmukh. Hasmukh says to Bapodara that Juggal and Pushpa are having an affair and says Pushpa took the keys from him so that they could meet each other.

Juggal hearing this beats him up again. Bapodara stops Juggal and says there is no smoke without fire.
Pushpa admonishes Bapodara’s behaviour as he is supporting Hasmukh and questioning her character. Bapodara argues with Pushpa and asks Pushpa to answer all the people in the chawl about their relationship.

Pushpa comments on the people saying Juggal is her childhood friend and nothing more than that. Hasmukh says there is a name for every relationship between a girl and a boy. Pushpa says there is friendship between them.

Pushpa comments on the people’s thinking and says she doesn’t need to give an explanation to them as her and Juggal’s relationship is pure. Bapodara asks Hasmukh to stop commenting on Pushpa and Juggal again.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Rashi will request Pushpa to allow her to meet her dad in jail for once. Pushpa doesn’t agree to it. Rashi says she will meet her dad in jail no matter what.

What will happen next?
Will Pushpa be able to stop Rashi from meeting her father?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
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