Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 10th April 2024 Written Update: Kashyap family teaches a lesson to Keertan

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 10th April 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Keertan pulling Shakti to a side. Shakti asks Keertan to not think about hitting her again and says she will not stay calm this time. Keertan asks Shakti to stop it. Keertan says to Shakti that he used to love her but she rejected him. Shakti reminds while talking with Keertan. Dharam puts a blanket over Keertan and takes him away from there.

Dharam, Manorama and Shakti take Keertan to a room and beat him up. Kishore comes to the room and beats Keertan up along with his family. Rimjim also comes to the room.

Bhagwati says to Raghunath and Kamalnath how distressed seeing both of her own sons fight against each other. Kamalnath says Raghunath is the one who held his collar. Bhagwati asks Kamalnath how dare he hold Raghunath’s collar as Raghunath is his brother. Kamalnath comments on Bhagwati as she always scolds him. Kamalnath says it is a fact that Shiv has become a threat to their family. Raghunath comments on Kamalnath saying this is wife speaking not him. Kamalnath comments on Raghunath.

Rimjim closes the door and beats Keertan along with the rest of her family with her sandal.

Mandira looks around for Keertan. Padma asks Mandira what is her next plan. Mandira says Shiv will not leave from here until the magistrate believes that Shiv is acting. Mandira says she is going to do something that will break Shiv Shakti completely.

Raghunath says to Bhagwati that he doesn’t know what he has to do that will bring peace to this family once again. Raghunath says he is tired with what happened. Raghunath says how Shiv was acting like a kid. Bhagwati asks Raghunath not to worry and says Shakti will cure Shiv and protect him.

Shiv comes into the room. Shiv thinks it’s a game and he also beats Keertan along with everyone.

Mandira hears Keertan calling for help. Mandira comes to the room and sees Keertan beaten up. Mandira says to everyone that she will not leave them. She leaves taking Keertan. Shiv asks who won. Manorama says to him that he won. Shiv sees Rimjim and asks if she is playing hide and seek. Mandira hears Shiv’s words. Mandira and Keertan return to the room and ask who else is there in the room. Shakti lies Shiv is talking to her. She asks Mandira to leave without spoiling their mood. Keertan and Mandira leave but they suspect Rimjim of being involved. They see Kashyap family meeting Rimjim. Rimjim notices them.

Episode ends.

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