Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 10th June 2024 Written Update: Shiv Shakti on a mission to expose Mandira

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 10th June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mandira saying to Shiv that he can enter the house with his slippers and comments on it. Mandira asks Shiv what should she do with this milk. Shiv asks Mandira to give it to Keertan.

Bhagwati seeing Shiv in disguise as Babaji thinks who is this. Shakti says to Bhagwati that he is Shiv. Padma falls at Shiv’s feet and begs Babaji to save her and says there is a ghost in this house. Shiv asks Padma not to worry as he came here no ghost will be able to do anything to them. Bhagwati gives Aarthi to Shiv. Mandira asks Bhagwati if she will not fall at Babaji’s feet to take his blessings. Koyal and Sharma family see what is going on in Kashyap Sadan in the CCTV footage. Koyal says to Manorama that Mandira might have suspected Shiv that’s why she is putting Shiv in that kind of situation. Bhagwati acts as if she is about to touch Shiv’s feet but she later says she has pain in her knees. Shiv helps her sit. Koyal praises Bhagwati seeing it.

Shiv later says a murder happened in this house and says they have to punish the person who killed her only then will her soul rest in peace.

Shiv says they need to do a Pooja. Shiv asks Mandira to prepare for the Pooja. Mandira agrees and leaves from there.

Shiv says he needs to freshen up. Padma agrees and asks Chamkili to show Babaji to his room. Chamkili brings Shiv to the guest room.

Shakti takes off her disguise and and hugs Shiv. Shiv says to Shakti that once they make Mandira admit that she committed the crime then their lives will be back to normal. Shakti agrees. Shiv goes to freshen up. Mandira comes to the guest room. Shakti leaves from there. Mandira takes out the device that she hid in Shiv’s slippers.

It is shown Mandira has hidden a device in Shiv’s slippers when she picked up his phone.

Shiv acts as if he is doing Pooja. Shiv asks Mandira to get Gayatri’s ashes. Mandira asks Keertan to bring fake ashes to test the Babaji.

Keertan brings fake ashes and gives it to Shiv saying these are Gayatri’s ashes. Shiv feels like Gayatri is telling him this is not her. Shiv throws the ashes away and comments on Keertan as he tried to test him. Shiv says now no one can do anything. Shiv asks Mandira to see how the ghost is coming towards her. Shiv asks Mandira to admit the truth only then can he save her. Mandira says a murder happened in this house.

Episode ends.

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