Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 11th June 2024 Written Update: Mandira disrespects Gayatri’s ashes

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 11th June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mandira saying to Shiv that a murder has been committed and Gayatri’s murder has been done in this house. Mandira says Gayatri’s murder has been done by Shiv and Shiv is in this house. Mandira pulls Shiv’s fake beard and tears off his disguise right infront of everyone. Mandira later calls the cops.

The cops come into the house and says to Shiv that he is under arrest for the murder of his mother and Shakti will also be arrested for being a partner in his crime. Mandira says to Shiv that she suspected him when he touched Manorama’s feet. Mandira mocks Shiv and says she was just testing him.

It is shown Mandira takes off a device from Shiv’s slippers that she planted. Mandira comes to Shakti says to Shakti that she was able to fool everyone because Mandira was not here but now that Mandira is her3, Shiv Shakti is out.

Mandira comes to Shiv and taunts Shiv saying no one can go against her. Mandira says to the cops that Shiv Shakti have killed Gayatri. Mandira asks the cops to arrest them and take them away.

The cops arrest Shiv Shakti and are about to take them away but Mandira stops them. Mandira asks Shiv to take this trash also. Mandira throws Gayatri’s ashes into the air.

Shiv tries to catch the ashes but they the pot falls on the ground and mud pot breaks and Gayatri’s ashes scatter on the ground. Shiv feels heart broken seeing this.

Shakti says to everyone that Shiv is not responsible for Gayatri’s death and the true culprit will be taken away by the cops today.

Mandira asks the cops to not believe Shakti’s lies and take them away. Shakti says to the cops that she can prove that all the accusations against Shiv are false.

Shakti calls the Magistrate to come down. The Magistrate comes down the stairs. Shakti says to Mandira that he is a Magistrate and she called him here. Shakti asks the cops to give her half an hour time and says she will prove the truth infront of everyone. Mandira asks the cops to take Shakti away and says it’s a waste of time to give them time. Shiv asks Mandira why is she sweating if they can’t prove anything. Shakti says these are the symptoms of criminal. Shakti says now it is time for Keertan. Keertan raises his hand at Shakti. Shiv defends Shakti and pushes Keertan away.

The magistrate orders the cops to uncuff Shiv Shakti. The cops follow the magistrate orders. Mandira asks Shiv Shakti what proof do they have against her. Shakti comments on Shiv. Shiv opens his hand and shows the proof against Mandira.

Episode ends.

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