Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 11th November 2023 Written Update: Shiv scolds Shakti

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 11th November 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Manorama showing two boxes to Shakti and Rimjim. Rimjim asks Manorama what are these boxes. Manorama says to Shakti that in these boxes there are all the items with which they can run their Grahasthi.


Manorama says to Shakti and Rimjim that they always bought utensils on Dhanteras day every year and says to Rimjim and Shakti about the importance of Grahasthi and says it is a woman’s duty to make a house a home. Manorama says to Shakti and Rimjim that now she is giving this to them as a sign of responsibility. Manorama says it is their responsibility to run their Grahasthi. Manorama says to Rimjim and Shakti that they might not be together for the next Dhanteras day. Manorama gets emotional saying this. Shakti and Rimjim say they will not marry anyone.

Manorama worries about Rimjim thinking what kind of match Rimjim will get? Rimjim tries to tell Manorama about Keertan but Shakti stops Rimjim.

Shakti decides to expose Mandira as soon as possible. Shakti calls the lawyer and asks the lawyer if there is a way that Ranjan will be released from jail soon. The lawyer says on the day of Diwali he will get Ranjan out of jail and he cannot do anything before that. Shakti agrees.

Shakti thinks she has to calm down Shiv. Rimjim asks Shakti why is Shiv angry with her? Shakti says Shiv is angry with her as she hasn’t attended the college. Rimjim asks Shakti where did she go? Shakti stays silent. Rimjim later questions Shakti why has Shakti stopped Rimjim from saying to Manorama about Keertan? Shakti says to Rimjim that it is not the right time. Rimjim says she can’t take anymore chances with Keertan and her marriage. Rimjim asks Shakti to speak to Manorama about Keertan and her marriage and says if Shakti doesn’t do it then she will kill herself. Shakti asks Rimjim not to do that.

Shakti thinks Keertan doesn’t love Rimjim and says to herself that this is just Mandira’s plan.

Shiv comes to Sharma Sadan to talk to Shakti. Shiv asks Manorama to call for Shakti.

Shiv questions Shakti why didn’t she attend the lectures and scolds Shakti for not attending the lectures. Shiv says to Shakti how much a patient’s life is important for a doctor and says if she doesn’t attend the classes she will never learn anything. Shakti apologises to Shiv for not attending the classes and promises to Shiv that he will not miss any more class and asks Shiv to forgive her but Shiv just comments on Shakti and leaves from there.

Manorama says to Shakti that Shiv loves her very much. Manorama says Shiv scolded her as he is thinking of her dream as his dream. Shakti says to Manorama that Shiv only thinks of her as a friend but now that friendship might also be in trouble. Manorama encourages Shakti and says to Shakti that she needs to work hard to seek his forgiveness.

Episode ends.

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