Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 12th June 2024 Written Update: Mandira gets cornered

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 12th June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Shiv showing the proof that he has against Mandira. Koyal decides to find out what is going on in Kashyap Sadan. Koyal calls Nandu and asks Nandu to put his phone on speaker phone so that she could hear what is going on there.

Shiv asks Mandira if she remembers this diamond. Mandira says this is just a normal diamond and says there is nothing special about this. Kamalnath leaves from there.

Mandira asks the Magistrate to go and do charity instead of seeing all this nonsense. Shiv comments on it.

Kamalnath brings a jeweller home. Shiv shows the diamond to the jeweller and asks the jeweller if this is his diamond. The jeweller says yes. The jeweller says this diamond belongs to Mandira. The jeweller says this diamond was lost by Mandira and she asked him to replace this diamond with another diamond. Shakti shows the invoice of the diamond that she bought and gives it to the judge. Mandira says the jeweller might make a mistake. The jeweller says his whole family is in this jewelry business and says he would never make a mistake something on this. The jeweller says Kamalnath gifted her this diamond on the Valentine’s Day and she lost it. The jeweller says that’s why she asked him for another diamond. Shiv says this diamond was bought exactly two days after Gayatri’s death. Keertan asks Shiv Shakti what does she prove with all of this. Shiv says this diamond is found in Gayatri’s ashes. Shakti says Gayatri swallowed this diamond when Mandira closed Gayatri’s mouth. Mandira asks Shakti if Gayatri told her all of this and mocks Gayatri.

Bhagwati lashes out at Mandira and slaps her asking her to be ashamed to mock a dead person. Bhagwati says she was wrong that’s why this whole family supported Shiv Shakti.

Mandira says she hasn’t killed Gayatri. Shakti asks Mandira by giving a written statement. Mandira writes with left hand her statement. Shakti shows the postmortem report to the Magistrate that a left handed person killed Gayatri. Shakti says only Mandira is left handed in this house and no one else. Mandira says this report can be faked.

Shiv shows his call records to the Magistrate and says he was on a call when Gayatri was attacked and as emergency call came from the hospital. Shiv says Shakti found the nurse and she can prove it. Shakti asks Mandira where was she when Gayatri was killed. Mandira says she was with Keertan. Shakti says Keertan wasn’t in the house at that time. Keertan says he came by that time and Mandira was with him. Shakti says their statement cannot be trusted and asks if there is another proof. Mandira stays silent.

Episode ends.

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