Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 13th November 2023 Written Update: Mandira suspects Shakti

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 13th November 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mandira thinking she has to make sure that Keertan doesn’t open her mouth infront of Shakti and tell Shakti that he doesn’t love Rimjim.


Mandira takes Keertan to a side. Keertan asks Mandira what happened? Mandira says Shakti is here and asks Keertan to go and hide in that room. Keertan asks Mandira what kind of trouble has she gotten him into and shows to Mandira that Rimjim called him 12 times. Shakti overhears Keertan’s speaking and comments on Keertan. Shakti says to Keertan that if he hurts Rimjim one bit she will make sure that he will pay the price for it. Mandira asks Keertan not to mind Shakti’s words and go inside. Mandira says to Shakti that she has a lot of guts to warn Keertan right infront of her. Shakti makes a comment on Mandira. Mandira asks Shakti to talk to her with her head down. Shakti says to Mandira that who are in the right don’t need to put their head down but people who stand on lies need to bow down their heads. Shakti says this Diwali the justice will prevail over injustice. Sundari comes and says to Shakti that Shiv and Bhagwati are upstairs. Shakti leaves from there. Mandira thinks she has to find out the reason for Shakti being so confident and thinks she can’t allow any mishap to happen before Shiv&Shakti’s marriage.

Bhagwati asks Shiv if he is still angry with Shakti. Shiv says yes and says he doesn’t know why. Bhagwati says to Shiv she knows why? Shakti comes and greets Bhagwati and Shiv. Shiv asks Shakti what is she doing here? Shakti says she is here to take Uptan made by Bhagwati. Shakti says she also hopes that Shiv will forgive him. Bhagwati asks Shiv not to forgive Shakti. Bhagwati asks Shiv why is he staring at Shakti like that? Shiv says he doesn’t know the reason for it and says his head is locked. Bhagwati says to Shiv she knows the reason for it and says it’s love. Bhagwati asks Shiv to learn about it. Bhagwati takes Shakti away from there.

Shakti asks Bhagwati to tell her how could she seek Shiv’s forgiveness. Bhagwati asks Shakti not to worry and says she already has a plan for it. Mandira seeing Shakti without a fear thinks she has to find out what is Shakti’s plan?

Rimjim requests Manorama to take her marriage proposal to Keertan’s house. Manorama reminds Rimjim of the condition that she put forth before and says the marraige proposal should come from Keertan’s house. Rimjim asks Manorama what will she do if she takes her marraige proposal to Kashyap family herself. Manorama says to Rimjim that she will break her legs.

Kishore asks Manorama what is her problem with Keertan? Manorama says she can’t trust Keertan.

Bhagwati makes Uptan and Shakti thinks of Shiv.

Manorama says to Kishore that she saw suspicion in Shakti’s eyes for Keertan and says she can’t neglect Shakti’s opinion that easily. Rimjim eavesdrop on Manorama and Kishore’s conversation and understands the real reason for Manorama putting forth this condition. Rimjim thinks what is Shakti’s problem.

Bhagwati and Shakti go to Shiv’s room. Mandira seeing both of them together thinks once Shakti gets married to Shiv and learns the truth about Shiv then Shakti’s life will be destroyed.

Episode ends.

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