Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 14th February 2024 Written Update: Shakti makes Gayatri punish Mandira

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 14th February 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mandira saying to Gayatri that she will punish her in such a way that she will think twice about going against her. Mandira raises the belt to hit her. Mandira notices someone caught the belt and asks them who is it. Shakti steps forward and says to Mandira that it is her bad time. Shakti says to Mandira that today she will see if Mandira will be bear the pain. Shakti says to Mandira that today she will suffer not Gayatri.

Padma decides to go and see how Mandira is hurting Gayatri. Padma spots Shiv coming into the house and asks Shiv why is he coming here. Shiv says he doesn’t want to go to the hospital so he came back. Padma makes up a story saying there was a big accident and all of the people are coming to the hospital. Padma says he needs to stay at the hospital. Shiv agrees and goes to the hospital. Padma decides to keep an eye so that no one will come here.

Mandira sees that Shakti came to Gayatri’s rescue so she tries to leave but Shakti makes Mandira fall on the floor. Shakti says to Mandira that she will punish her as Mandira was really enjoying it when Keertan hit Rimjim. Shakti threatens Mandira that she will hit her. Mandira reminds Shakti that she is daughter of Sharma family and it is not in her upbringing to hit her elders. Shakti agrees with Mandira that it is not in her upbringing to hit her elders but Gayatri can hit Mandira as Gayatri is elder to Mandira.

Shakti gives the belt to Gayatri and asks Gayatri to hit Mandira. Gayatri says she will not be able to do it. Mandira laughs at Shakti and mocks Shakti saying Gayatri never has the guts to hit her. Shakti says to Gayatri that she needs to hit Mandira and prove that she is not a weakling to Mandira. Shakti reminds Gayatri how much Mandira has done injustice against her. Gayatri recalls about it and starts hitting Mandira. Gayatri takes revenge against Mandira for all the wrong things Mandira has done against her family. Padma enjoys the sound of belt hitting thinking Mandira is hitting Gayatri instead it is vice versa. Mandira says she will shout and call for help. Shakti reminds Mandira that there is no one in the house and she also plays music so that no one can hear Mandira’s voice. Gayatri beats up Mandira. Gayatri once she calms down realises what she has done. Shakti says to Gayatri that she did the right thing. Shakti taunts Mandira. Mandira cries in pain.

Manorama asks Kishore how did he fell down. Kishore makes up a reason for it. Manorama asks Kishore to take care of himself. Manorama says to Kishore that they should go to Kashyap Sadan to meet their daughters. Kishore says he has knee pains and says they can go some other day. Manorama agrees.

Gayatri worries about Mandira’s counter attack for what she has done against her. Shakti comforts Gayatri. Gayatri says to Shakti that Mandira is not the kind of person to stay calm after what happened and says she might attack Shiv and Karthik. Shakti says she will handle it and asks her not to worry.

Episode ends.

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