Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 15th November 2023 Written Update: Mandira hoodwinks Kashyap’s family

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 15th November 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Shakti coming in front of Bhagwati and Padma. Bhagwati asks Shakti what happened and why does she has Uptan all over her. Padma says it’s a good sign and says it means that Shakti is going to get married soon. Shakti says she has to concentrate on her studies. Shakti later takes Uptan from Bhagwati and leaves from there.


Mandira thinks what is in Shakti’s mind and how will Shakti expose her. Keertan and Koyal come to Mandira and complaint to Mandira about Rimjim asking him to come to her house with a marriage proposal. Mandira seeing the message thanks Keertan and says to Keertan he doesn’t know how much he helped her. Mandira leaves from there feeling elated.

Mandira comes to Bhagwati and says to Bhagwati that they should tell Shiv about his and Shakti’s marriage. Bhagwati agrees. Mandira says she will first talk to Shiv alone. Gayatri says it’s the best idea.

Manorama asks Shakti if she went to bring Uptan or apply Uptan to herself. Shakti says to Manorama that she tried to apply Uptan to Dr Shiv and he has fallen over her. Manorama teases Shakti.

Manorama says to Shakti that today is Narak Chaturdashi and asks Shakti what does she knows about Narak Chaturdashi. Shakti says the story behind Narak Chaturdashi. Manorama praises Shakti.

Manorama says to Shakti that today she needs to light 4 lights of Diya as each light represents a God. Manorama makes Shakti light up 4 lights of Diya. Shakti hopes that she will expose Mandira while lighting Diya for Goddess Kali. But after Manorama and Shakti leave from there. The Diya goes off that is lit up for Goddess Kali by Shakti.

Mandira comes to Shiv and says to Shiv that Keertan told her everything. Shakti thinks Keertan told Mandira about Rimjim and Keertan’s love. Mandira says to Shiv that they are taking marriage proposal to Sharma Sadan’s house tomorrow. Shiv feels elated hearing this. Shiv comes downstairs and says to his family that he is very happy with what Mandira said to him. Mandira never allows Shiv to take the name of Keertan and Rimjim. Mandira says to Shiv that they have to celebrate. Shiv agrees.

Shiv and Keertan dance for the song. Shakti asks Rimjim why is she looking sad? Rimjim questions Shakti why isn’t she supporting her and says to Shakti that if she once says to Manorama then she will agree to this marriage. Rimjim says to Shakti how much pain she is in with Shakti not supporting her. Shakti says to Rimjim that Keertan doesn’t love her but he is just acting. Rimjim doesn’t believe Shakti’s words.

Shiv later congratulates Keertan and leaves from there. Bhagwati thinks why is Shiv congratulating Keertan? Mandira covers it up saying Shiv is congratulating everyone as their daughter in law is going to come home. Padma asks Bhagwati if she doesn’t feel wierd that Shiv is this happy for his own marriage. Mandira asks Padma to stop feeling jealous of Shiv. Mandira thinks Shakti’s life is going to be destroyed after this Diwali.

Episode ends.

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