Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 16th November 2023 Written Update: Rimjim misunderstands Shakti

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 16th November 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Shakti saying to Rimjim that Keertan doesn’t love her and says he is playing this drama only to take revenge on their family. Rimjim says it’s not possible and says their love story started a long time ago. Shakti reminds Rimjim what happened after that and how he insulted Rimjim at the police station and also at Mandir. Shakti says to Rimjim whatever Keertan did he only did it sneakily and says when someone does something sneakily it’s wrong. Shakti apologises to Rimjim for being collateral and says Keertan is just using her to take revenge on their family. Rimjim gets shattered hearing this and breaks down on the spot and cries to herself. Shakti comforts Rimjim. Shakti gets a call from Dr Shiv. Shakti attends the call. Dr Shiv says to Shakti that they are coming to their house tomorrow with a marriage proposal. Dr. Shiv says Keertan revealed to everyone in the house about his love. Dr Shiv says everyone is happy with the marriage. Shakti says to Shiv that this marriage is wrong and asks Shiv to stop this marriage proposal. Shiv asks Shakti why is that? Rimjim takes the phone from Shakti and says Shakti is just joking and asks Shiv to bring his family tomorrow with the marriage proposal. Shiv comments on Shakti’s sense of humour and cuts the call. Shakti asks Rimjim why did she do this? Rimjim says to Shakti that she saw everything but she also saw Keertan crying a lot of times for her. Rimjim makes a comment on Shakti.


Purnendu ji says to Mandira that Shakti’s biggest strength is her family and says once Shakti’s family turns against Shakti after that Shiv will also turn against Shakti. Mandira says she already started her game to turn Shakti’s family against her. Mandira says Shakti will try to stop Keertan and Rimjim’s marriage but Rimjim will not accept it and turn against Shakti.

Rimjim accuses Shakti of being jealous that’s why she is trying to stop this marriage. Shakti says to Rimjim that she would never be jealous of her and she doesn’t know how to prove it to her. Rimjim asks Shakti to talk to her parents about her marriage with Keertan. Rimjim requests Shakti to tell Manorama that she doesn’t have any problem with Keertan and Rimjim’s marriage. Rimjim says if she doesn’t do that they will not be sisters anymore they will be just cousins.

Shiv thinks Rimjim’s problem is finally solved. Shiv worries about Shakti’s future. Shiv later thinks of his past and thinks he should not look back.

Purnendu ji says to Mandira that even if the whole world turns against Shakti into Shiv loves Shakti the final victory will be if Shakti. Mandira says to Purnendu ji that she will create a rift in between Shiv and Shakti in such a way that Shiv will even hate Shakti’s existence. Mandira just waits for Shiv and Shakti’s marriage date as from then will be destruction of Shiv and Shakti.

Episode ends.

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