Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 17th November 2023 Written Update: Rimjim gets mad at Shakti

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 17th November 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Shakti recalling what happened and cries to herself. Shakti thinks about how could Mandira stoop this low. Shakti thinks no matter what happens she will not allow anyone to hurt Rimjim. Shakti calls someone and confirms that Ranjan is going to be released from jail tomorrow if she takes back her complaint.


Mandira thinks in Shakti’s life there is going to be a blast because of Shiv’s past. Purnendu ji reminds Mandira that if Shiv’s truth comes out then it will effect her family and her business also. Mandira says the real secret will be revealed after the marriage not before it.

Shakti thinks about Shiv and thinks she can’t tell the truth to Shiv until Ranjan gives his testimony. Shakti hopes that everything will go her way tomorrow.

Manorama decorates the house with Diyas for Diwali. Rimjim brings Shakti to Manorama and signals Shakti to tell Manorama. Manorama seeing this asks the sisters what is going on? Rimjim says to Manorama that Shakti wants to say something to them. Shakti says to Manorama that Keertan’s family agreed to her condition and they are bringing marriage proposal today evening. Manorama couldn’t believe and thinks what is so special about Rimjim that Keertan agreed to her condition. Shakti says to Manorama that Rimjim is a great person as she knows how to care for relationships and asks Manorama not to talk about Rimjim like that again. Manorama says to Shakti that she only put forth that condition as she saw doubt in Shakti’s eyes for Keertan. Manorama later celebrates with Rimjim as her marriage is going to happen. Manorama hugs Shakti and says to Shakti that she is only doing this marriage because Shakti is happy with this relationship. Manorama says to Rimjim that they have to get ready as Kashyap’s family is coming to their house today. Shakti gets into a dilemma.

Bhagwati shows the bangles to Shiv and tries to say to Shiv these bangles are for Shakti but Mandira interrupts Shiv and Bhagwati’s conversation. Mandira makes sure that Shiv stays in the misunderstanding that they are going to Sharma Sadan for marriage proposal of Rimjim’s hand. Shiv gets a call from Shakti and he goes to take it.

Rimjim messages Keertan that she is happy that his family is coming today to ask for her hand in marriage. Keertan seeing this calls Rimjim and asks Rimjim who told her about this. Rimjim says Shiv told her about this. Keertan understands that this is Mandira’s game making Shiv think they are going to Sharma Sadan for asking Rimjim’s hand for marriage but Shiv doesn’t know that they are going to ask Shakti’s hand for marriage for Shiv.

Shakti asks Shiv not to bring marriage proposal to her home. Shiv couldn’t hear it due to the fire crackers. Rimjim overhears this and confronts Shakti asking her why is Shakti not happy in her happiness and comments on Shakti.

Episode ends.

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