Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 20th November 2023 Written Update: Manorama slaps Rimjim

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 20th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shakti seeing Mandira getting out of the car along with the rest of the Kashyap family. Mandira wishes a happy Diwali to Shakti. Mandira hugs Shakti and says it’s challenge night. Mandira asks Shakti to get ready to lose. Shakti says good will win over bad today.


Mandira and Kashyap’s family come to Sharma Sadan. Manorama asks them to have something. Bhagwati says she would first like to talk about something with them. Shakti tries to interrupt them but Bhagwati still says she will not go anywhere without talking about it. Bhagwati says to Kishore and Manorama that they like their daughter. Manorama and Kishore think Bhagwati is talking about Rimjim while Bhagwati is talking about Shakti. Mandira decides to do all the rituals in this confusion while the Sharma family thinks they are talking about Rimjim but Bhagwati is talking about Shakti. Mandira always interrupts Bhagwati and Padma when they are about to take Shakti’s name and maintains the confusion.

Shakti goes to make a call. Shakti tries to call Ranjan but Ranjan doesn’t attend her call. Mandira says to Shakti that Ranjan will not attend her call and says Ranjan’s family should have already left to a new city starting their life afresh. Mandira mocks Shakti as she thought Mandira wouldn’t know about Shakti’s plan. Mandira says Shakti’s plan is already over before it started. Mandira says it’s time for her plan.

Shakti and Mandira come to the hall. Bhagwati says to Sharma family that they would like to make their daughter Kashyap family daughter in law. Bhagwati asks for their opinion. Kishore and Manorama agree to the marriage proposal.

Bhagwati asks Mandira to put these bangles on her daughter in law hands. Mandira takes the bangles passes by Rimjim and puts the bangles on Shakti’s hand. Shakti gets stunned with Mandira’s actions. Mandira says from today onwards their daughter is her daughter and her son is their son. Rimjim gets upset seeing this.

Bhagwati hugs Shakti and says all her wishes came true. Manorama tries to talk to Bhagwati but Rimjim pulls her away. Bhagwati suddenly starts coughing heavily.

Rimjim brings Manorama into her room and starts complaining about Shakti saying Shakti wants to steal Keertan from her. Kishore comes and asks Manorama what is Rimjim talking about. Rimjim says to her family that Shakti from the start didn’t want her marriage to happen with Keertan and says to her family how she spotted Shakti talking with Dr Shiv asking him to stop this marriage proposal. Rimjim says Shakti’s couldn’t trap Shiv so she is targeting Keertan. Manorama slaps Rimjim. Shakti thinks she has to do something so that their family will never be seperated.

Episode ends.

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