Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Keertan puts forth a condition to Kashyap family

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 2nd June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Shiv saying to Shakti that she needs to go to Kashyap Sadan. Shakti agrees and asks Shiv what is the plan.

Manorama after hearing about the plan praises Shiv’s plan. Dharam says he will go and get all the things required for the plan. Dharam leaves from there. Shiv says they have to think of a way to send Shakti into Kashyap Sadan.

Shakti says to Shiv that she will go into Kashyap Sadan with Manorama. Shakti says to Shiv that he can’t come out of the house as all the charges against him have not been dropped. Shakti says if anyone found out that he has recovered then they will be in lot of trouble. Shakti says they have to think of a way to hide Shiv. Manorama says Shiv will hide here and asks Shakti not to worry about Shiv. Manorama says all the family members will hide Shiv in the house and says they are a team. Koyal thinks her mom is responsible for all of this and leaves from there.

Mandira decides to search for Shiv Shakti on her own as she doesn’t trust Keertan one bit. Keertan asks Mandira why is she worrying as he is here to find them. Mandira reminds Keertan that his success rate is zero as he hasn’t succeeded even once. Mandira asks Keertan and Padma to keep an eye on the family members and treat them like an enemy.

Shiv Shakti come to Koyal and they try to cheer her up. Koyal shares her dilemma with Shiv Shakti. Koyal says she is feeling guilty as she helped Mandira in all of her plans. Koyal says she is now feeling even more guilty as she is going against her mother now. Shakti says she is understanding about right and wrong now.

Manorama comes and says to Koyal that Mandira doesn’t deserve her love. Manorama says she will love her as a daughter from today onwards and cheers her up.

Sundari says to someone over the phone that Bhagwati is not eating food. Sundari later comes to Bhagwati and asks Bhagwati to eat something. Bhagwati says she will not eat anything as she is worried about Shiv Shakti .

Keertan comes to the dining table and lashes out Kamalnath, Raghunath and Bhagwati. Keertan disrespects all three of them and says that if they want to stay safely in this house then they need to find Shiv Shakti and bring them here.

Shiv asks Shakti how will she enter Kashyap Sadan. Shakti says her entry will be grand and no one will be able to identify her.

Episode ends.

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