Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 30th May 2024 Written Update: Shiv vows to punish Mandira

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 30th May 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Shiv saving the kid. Shiv says to the doctor that now he can take the kid for further treatment. The doctor thanks Shiv for saving the kid. The kid’s father accuses Shiv of cutting his son’s neck. The doctor clarifies to kid’s father that Shiv saved his son. The mother of the kid thanks Shiv. The doctor takes kid away from there.

Keertan comes out of jail and says to the police inspector that no matter how angry a wife is with her husband, she will always get them out of jail.

Shiv asks Shakti why is she looking surprised. Shiv asks Shakti if he hasn’t done the procedure the correctly. Shakti says he has done everything right. Shiv says to Shakti that he is back. Shakti hugs Shiv.

Keertan returns home. Mandira hugs Keertan. Bhagwati asks Mandira to now tell them where are Shiv Shakti as they got Keertan out of jail. Mandira says she doesn’t know. Mandira says to Bhagwati that Keertan attacked Shiv Shakti but Shakti escaped from Shiv and took Shiv along with her. Mandira says Shiv got shot and he might be dead by now and Shakti also might have committed suicide by now. Mandira says it will be better for them if they stop looking for Shiv Shakti. Bhagwati raises her hand at Mandira hearing it. Mandira catches Bhagwati’s hand and slaps Bhagwati back.

Shakti thanks Bholenath that he finally returned to her. Shiv says to Shakti that now it is not time for them to cry. Shiv says it is time for them to make Mandira cry. Shiv says to Shakti that he will not leave Mandira and says they are going to end Mandira’s game within 5 days.

Mandira says to Bhagwati that she is not the kind of daughter in law that will get beaten up. Mandar says she will beat her again if Bhagwati raises her hand at Mandira. Raghunath gets furious and tries to slap Mandira but Keertan stops Raghunath and slaps him back. Kamalnath comments on Keertan and asks Keertan to slap him also. Keertan takes out his gun and threatens them. Keertan says if anyone goes against Mandira then he will kill then even if it is his own father.

Shiv says he can never forgive Mandira as she not only killed Gowri but also her mother Gayatri. Shakti asks Shiv what happened that night. Shiv says he couldn’t stand Gayatri’s death so he went into regression and says it was when he is 8 years old. Shiv says he will make sure Mandira is punished and for that he will go to jail if he has to.

Mandira breaks Kashyap family photo. Mandira announces to Kashyap family that from today onwards she is the owner of this house and all of them have to listen to her as Shiv Shakti have gone missing. Mandira says anyone can leave this house if anybody doesn’t like it.

Episode ends.

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