Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 31st May 2024 Written Update: Shiv Shakti try to get Gayatri’s post mortem report

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 31st May 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mandira saying to Kashyap family that right now Shiv Shakti are missing and she has the most shares besides Shiv so she is owner of Kashyap family. Dharam decides to teach a lesson to Mandira but Keertan threatens Dharam with a gun. Koyal comes infront of Dharam and says to Keertan that he will not do anything to Dharam. Keertan says to Koyal that they broke off their ties with her the day she went against them. Keertan asks Koyal to leave this house. Manorama asks Bhagwati to come with her as there is no respect for Bhagwati in this house.

Shakti stitches Shiv’s wound. Shakti later asks Shiv what happened that night.

It is shown Shiv comes into Gayatri’s room and he apologises to Gayatri for misunderstanding her and not trusting her. Shiv says he learnt the truth due to Shakti and understood she hasn’t killed Gowri. Shiv asks Gayatri to forgive him. Shiv turns Gayatri and sees the knife in Gayatri’s stomach. Shiv pulls out the knife from Gayatri’s stomach.

Shiv says to Shakti that Mandira killed Gayatri and says there is no one beside her who will do this. Shiv says he will make sure Mandira is punished. Shakti asks Shiv how will they do that. Shiv says their first step should be getting Gayatri post mortem report. Shiv says they should get the post mortem report before Mandira finds out about their plan.

Mandira asks Kashyap family to leave from here. Nandu also leaves along with Kashyap family. Padma says to Nandu that there is no need for him to leave and says no one will throw him out of the house. Nandu comments on it and says he will leave with his family. Mandira comments on Padma. Bhagwati comments on Padma as she betrayed their whole family. Bhagwati is about to step out of the house but she backs down and says she will not leave the Kashyap Sadan.

Shiv sends Shakti into the police station to get Gayatri’s post mortem report. Shakti asks the police inspector to give her Gayatri’s postmortem report. The police inspector asks Shakti to follow proper procedure and says it will not be done in a day and sends her away. Shakti says to Shiv what happened in the police station. Shiv thinks how will they get Gayatri’s postmortem report. A police constable comes to Shiv Shakti and says he will help them in getting the post mortem report. Shiv Shakti after talking to him they understand that he is father of the kid who Shiv saved just before. The constable says he will get him the report within a few hours and leaves from there. Shakti thinks the God will definitely punish Mandira.

Episode ends.

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