Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Shakti enters Kashyap Sadan as a house maid

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 3rd June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Kishore saying to Shiv Shakti that for them to be together they need to be seperated for some time. Shakti hugs Shiv and later leaves from there.

Sundari talks with someone over the phone and she later gives medicine to Bhagwati. Keertan hits the medicine away from Bhagwati’s hand. Keertan asks why is this waste expenditure going on in this house. Raghunath reminds Keertan that this is Bhagwati’s medicine not waste expenditure. Keertan says to Raghunath that Bhagwati’s time has expired and it is waste of time to keep Bhagwati alive with this medicine. Kamalnath hearing this slaps Keertan. Sundari laughs at Keertan. Keertan asks Sundari how dare she laugh at him and asks Sundari to apologise to him right away if not she will fired. Sundari says she doesn’t need this job and comments on Keertan. Keertan asks Padma to arrange for another housemaid. Padma agrees. Sundari later leaves from there.

Sundari after coming out of the Kashyap Sadan calls Shakti. Shakti comes infront of Sundari in disguise. Sundari says to Shakti that she did just like she asked her. Sundari says she also put her phone no in Padma’s phone as coordinator. Sundari says Padma should have called her by now. Shakti thanks Sundari for her help.

Manorama and Koyal see Rimjim sad. Rimjim says to Manorama that she failed in her life. Rimjim vows to Manorama that she will not become a burden to her or Dharam. Manorama comments on it. Manorama and Koyal later cheer up Rimjim.

Shakti comes into Kashyap Sadan as house maid and she hides her face under a veil. Padma asks Shakti who is she. Shakti says she is Chamkili the housemaid.

Keertan sees Shakti while coming downstairs. Keertan asks Padma. Padma says she is the house maid that came for a job. Keertan says to Padma that this girl is looking like Shakti. Shakti says her name is Chamkili and she came here for the housemaid job. Keertan says to Shakti that she will get the job but for that she needs to show her face. Shakti doesn’t agree and says Rajasthan ladies do not show their face to other men. Keertan still tries to see Shakti’s face under the veil.

Nandu runs into Keertan and accidentally spills hot water on him. Nandu says he a taking hot water for Bhagwati and she is feeling sick. Keertan argues with Nandu and comments on him. Padma asks Keertan to allow Nandu to leave. Keertan reminds Padma that she doesn’t have any value in this house. Kamalnath comes and asks Keertan to apologise to Nandu and Padma. Shakti says Keertan should also apologise to her as Keertan asked her to show her face. Keertan says no matter what the reason she needs to show her face. Keertan asks Padma to look at her face and sends everyone away. Padma looks at Shakti’s face and gets shocked.

Episode ends.

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