Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 4th April 2024 Written Update: Keertan slaps Rimjim

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 4th April 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mandira saying to Padma and Keertan that Shiv and Shakti will be out of the house forever. She asks Keertan to spend some time with his wife. Keertan says he doesn’t like to see her face. Mandira asks him to act in front of Rimjim and learn from Rimjim what’s happening at her mother’s place. He agrees. Mandira thinks Shakti can’t even predict her next move.

Shiv sleeps on Shakti’s lap. Shakti feels worried for Shiv. Keertan enters the room. Rimjim hugs him and says she missed him so much. She expresses how happy she is. Keertan comments on it. Rimjim says to Keertan that Mandira is lying about Shiv as he was in her house. Keertan slaps Rimjim and asks how dare she to accuse his mother. He slaps her again but Mandira stops Keertan. She asks Keetan to never mistreat his wife. Mandira asks Rimjim why she feels she is lying. Rimjim says Shiv is at my house then how can she harm you. Mandira fabricates a story and convinces Rimjim. Rimjim apologises to her. Mandira forgives her and asks her to spend time with Keertan. Mandira signals Keertan to lock Rimjim in the room.

Rimjim apologises to Keertan as she accused Mandira without thinking. Keertan apologises to Rimjim for hitting her and says he shouldn’t have raised his hand at her. Rimjim says his anger is valid as she scolded his mother. Keertan still hugs and apologises to Rimjim. Keertan says he will go and get water for her. Keertan locks Rimjim in a room and says to Rimjim in his heart that Rimjim knows more than what she should know. Keertan says to Rimjim in his heart that she will stay locked in this room until they execute their plan.

Shakti feels helpless as she is not able to do anything to save Shiv. Shakti cries to herself thinking about Shiv.

The cops brings the Magistrate to Kashyap Sadan. Mandira complaints to the Magistrate that Shiv tried to kill her and says she would have died if her family hadn’t come to her on time.

Mandira sees Raghunath has brought Gayatri’s ashes home. Mandira takes Gayatri’s ashes into her hands.

Rimjim sees that the door is locked. Rimjim shouts to open the door. Nandu hearing this opens the door. Rimjim asks Nandu who closed the doors. Nandu says he doesn’t know and he just opened the door hearing her.

The magistrate says to Raghunath that Shiv has become a threat to this family so based on Mandira’s testimony he orders the cops to arrest Shiv right away and if he resists the arrest then he orders the cops to shoot him.

Raghunath asks Mandira to take back her testimony saying Shiv can never do that. Raghunath begs Mandira. Kamalnath asks Raghunath to stop being blind in father’s love. Kamalnath asks the magistrate to pass on shoot at sight orders against Shiv. The magistrate agrees and passes Shoot at sights orders against Shiv.

Episode ends.

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