Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 4th June 2024 Written Update: Shiv lands himself in trouble

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 4th June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Keertan saying to Shakti that all the men will leave from here and Padma will see her face and says now she will have no problem to show her face to Padma right. Keertan and others leave from there.

Padma sees Shakti’s face and gets scared as Shakti is shown to be wearing a spectacles and she has rabbit teeth.

It is shown Shakti takes her bag to a side and puts on rabbit teeth and spectacles when Keertan is distracted.

Manorama asks Dharam why did he bring these many monitors. Dharam says they will see what is going on in Kashyap Sadan when Shakti fixes all the cameras in the Kashyap Sadan. Manorama comments on it.

Shiv comes into Sharma Sadan disguised as Babaji and plays a prank on Manorama and others saying he came from Himalayas and he asks Manorama to arrange a plate for him. Shiv sneezes and his fake moustache falls off. Manorama teases Shiv about it. Shiv asks Manorama how was his disguise. Manorama says no one can identify Shiv in this disguise and comments on it.

Manorama feeds food to Shiv. Shakti calls Shiv and talks to him over the phone. Shakti says to Shiv that she will take care of everyone here. Keertan comes and asks Shakti who is she talking with over the phone. Shakti puts Keertan to the ground. Keertan shouts in pain.

Shakti says she already said that Keertan should stay in their limits. Shakti says she will leave from here. Shakti asks Padma to do all the house work herself. Padma stops Shakti saying Chamkili will not go anywhere. Keertan says Chamkili is hiding something from them. Keertan asks Padma to ask Chamkili who is she talking to over the phone. Chamkili says she was talking to her husband and says she was saying that she will not give a chance for the owner to complaint. Padma asks Keertan to stop thinking too much.

Manorama sees some people are ringing the door so she asks Shiv to get ready as Babaji.

Few people ask Manorama where is Kishore. Kishore says he went out on some work and he will come right away. The people say that Kishore took advance from them and it is impossible to find another Pandit at this time.

Shakti is shown to be setting up cameras all over the house and talking to Shiv over the phone.

Keertan hits a vase and it breaks. Shiv alerts Shakti as there is a camera in the vase. Shakti puts kerchief over the broken pieces and says to Keertan that he might get injured if he touches broken glass. Keertan asks Shakti to clean it.

The people see Shiv in disguise as Babaji and they plead Shiv to do Pooja in their home. Shiv makes up a reason and postpones the time for the Pooja so that Kishore would do it but the people insist that Shiv should do the Pooja and leave from there. Shakti hears sound from Bhagwati’s room and thinks Bhagwati is sick.

Episode ends.

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