Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 5th June 2024 Written Update: Padma keeps an eye on Shakti

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 5th June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts Shakti hearing sound from Bhagwati’s room and she goes to check it out. Bhagwati worries about Shiv Shakti. Shakti brings food to Bhagwati and asks Bhagwati to eat food. Bhagwati says she will not eat food. Kamalnath asks Shakti to take the food away.

Keertan searches Shakti’s bag. Padma comes and asks Keertan what is he doing. Keertan says there is something really wrong with this Chamkili as Chamkili came into the house right away after Sundari left. Padma agrees and asks Keertan to search Chamkili’s bag. Keertan searches Chamkili’s bag.

Shakti asks Bhagwati to eat some food. Bhagwati says she will not eat food until she knows about Shiv Shakti’s well being. Shakti closes the door and takes off her disguise and shows to Bhagwati and the rest of the family members that she is Shakti.

Keertan doesn’t find anything in Chamkili’s bag. Padma and Keertan decide to go and question Chamkili. Keertan and Padma come to Bhagwati’s room.

Keertan asks Bhagwati what is going on. Bhagwati asks Keertan if they are trying to give her heart attack. Bhagwati comments on Shakti’s appearance. Keertan asks the Bhagwati to shut up. Kamalnath shouts at Keertan. Keertan says to Kamalnath that this will be the way he behaves with Bhagwati and asks Kamalnath to get habituated to it. Nandu steps forward to argue with Keertan. Shakti accidentally drops her fake teeth. Keertan argues with Nandu. Shakti steps forward and puts her fake teeth and puts on her disguise.

Keertan and Padma come out of the room. Keertan asks Padma to keep an eye on Chamkili. Padma agrees. Shakti feeds food to Bhagwati.

Shiv asks Karthik to go to sleep. Karthik agrees. Koyal says she will sleep with Karthik and asks Shiv to leave. Shiv agrees and leaves from there.

Dharam brings turmeric milk for Koyal and offers it to her. Koyal and Dharam talk to each other.

The next day, Shakti talks with Rimjim over the phone and says to Rimjim about her putting Keertan to ground. Rimjim laughs hearing it. Shakti asks Rimjim to divorce Keertan and take her time for the second marriage.

Shakti comes to a room and says to herself it will be good if Shiv was with her. Shiv says to Shakti over the call that he is with her. Shakti waves at the camera. Padma keeps an eye on Shakti. Shakti after talking to Shiv leaves the room. Padma comes into the room to see at who Shakti is waving at. Shiv worries about Padma finding out the camera.

Episode ends.

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