Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 6th June 2024 Written Update: Shiv rescues Mandira’s life

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 6th June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Shakti giving a flying kiss to the camera as Shiv is watching her through the camera. Shakti leaves from there.

Padma comes into the room when Shakti leaves the room. Padma sees Nandu through the window and thinks Chamkili is giving a flying kiss to Nandu. Shiv sees Padma through the camera and thinks he needs to alert Shakti.

Shiv worries about how he will do Pooja. Kishore asks Shiv not to worry and shows the ear phones to Shiv. Kishore says to Shiv that he will tell him what he has to do over the phone and he just has to repeat it. Shiv agrees with Kishore and leaves to do Pooja.

Shakti asks Raghunath to see what Padma is doing. Raghunath agrees and leaves from there.

Padma beats up Shakti with a broom stick and accuses Shakti of hitting on Nandu. Padma says to Kashyap family that she saw Chamkili giving flying kiss to Nandu. Nandu tries to stop Padma but Padma doesn’t listen to her.

Shakti later puts Padma in a hold and says to Padma that she is not hitting on Nandu and comments on her. Padma says she is fired from the job. Shakti says to Padma that according to law she will go to jail for falsely accusing her and beating her up. Padma hearing it’ says she is just joking. Shakti leaves Padma and warns Padma to behave herself.

Shiv enters the Kamalesh Singh house to do Pooja for his mother’s soul to rest in peace. Shiv does Pooja according to Kishore’s instructions over the phone. Shiv does Pooja for Kamalesh Singh’s mother Gayatri so that her soul will rest in peace.

Shiv thinks of his mother Gayatri while doing Pooja. Kamalesh says his mother used to love her very much. Shiv says mothers are like that. Mandira comes to Kamalesh Singh’s house.

Mandira comes to Kamalesh Singh house. Mandira greets Kamalesh. Kamalesh says to Shiv that Mandira is a well wisher of their family.

Shiv sees Mandira and thinks about how wife Gowri and Gayatri’s deaths. Shiv accidentally throws a fire log near Mandira. The fire surrounds Mandira.

Shiv thinks Mandira should die but Shakti’s voice in his heart says Mandira should not die and says first they should clear their name. Shiv uses the water and stops the fire.

Mandira thanks Shiv thinking he is a Babaji. Shiv asks Mandira to stay away from him as she is a sinner. Shiv says he can see her sins. Shiv says to Mandira the two people she is looking for are around her. Shiv says soon both of those people will bring her game to an end. Shiv leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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