Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 7th June 2024 Written Update: Rimjim and Manorama hide Shiv from Keertan

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 7th June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mandira calling Keertan and talking to Keertan. Mandira says to Keertan that she thinks Shiv Shakti are hiding in one place and she asks Keertan to go to that place and check it out. Keertan agrees.

Shakti serves tea to Kashyap family. Bhagwati asks Shakti if she can talk to Shiv soon. Shakti says she will try to make her talk to Shiv. Shakti leaves from there.

Keertan sees Bhagwati drinking tea and asks Bhagwati if they got news about Shiv Shakti as until yesterday she is not eating food worrying about Shiv Shakti. Bhagwati says she is eating food thinking one day Shiv Shakti will return home and she can welcome them into this house. Keertan thinks once he gets his hands on Shiv Shakti he will send them to heaven.

Shakti comes to Bhagwati and says to Bhagwati that Rimjim told her. Shakti says to Bhagwati how Shiv gave a warning to Mandira. Bhagwati asks Shakti to allow her to talk to Shiv. Shakti agrees and calls Rimjim.

Rimjim attends Shakti’s call and talks to her. Rimjim opens the door and sees Keertan has come here. Rimjim asks Keertan what is he doing here. Keertan enters Sharma Sadan.

Rimjim asks Keertan to leave from here. Keertan reminds Rimjim that he is the son in law of this house and he can come whenever he wants and leave whenever he wants.

Shiv comes to Sharma Sadan. Shiv takes off his disguise and tries to enter Sharma Sadan. Manorama pulls Shiv into another room.

Keertan hears the sound and he goes to check it out. Keertan asks Rimjim there is someone else here and asks Timjim who is it. Rimjim says it is Manorama. Keertan tries to open the door but it doesn’t open.

Manorama asks Shiv to calm down. Shiv doesn’t calm down and regrets saving Mandira. Manorama calls Shakti and asks Shakti to calm down Shiv as he is really angry and Keertan is is right outside their door.

Shakti talks to Shiv and calms him down. Keertan tries to break the door. The door opens and Shiv comes out of the room as Babaji.

Shiv comments on Keertan seeing him. Shiv says to Keertan that his sins are overflowing and says soon he will be punished. Keertan says he doesn’t believe in all this nonsense. Shiv hearing this curses Keertan saying the person who he killed will come and take revenge on him. Keertan comments on Babaji.

Mandira asks Sundari for tea. Shakti brings the tea to Mandira as Chamkili.

Episode ends.

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