Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 10th November 2022 Written Update: Mohan saves Gungun and Ketki

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 10th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan asks Ketki to come. Ketki walks on the ladder and falls down. Kaveri tells Damini that atleast Ketki died. Media reporter says that Mohan saved everyone but failed to save his sister.

Few minutes back

Kadambari tells Mohan that they have just 20 minutes. Mohan saves driver. Media reporter says that Mohan saved students and driver. He adds that now just Mohan’s family members are left. Radha tells Mohan that he did it. Rahul tells parents that Mohan fulfilled his promise by saving their children. Parents apologizes to him. He asks them to pray for his family. He says that he won’t spare them if anything happened to his family members then. Vishwanath tells him that Mohan won’t let anything happen to anyone. Damini thinks that she just wants Mohan to return safely.

Mohan asks Gungun to come out. Gungun tells him that she won’t come without Radha. Radha thinks that they don’t have much time. Mohan tells Gungun that he will save Radha. Radha tells Gungun to go. She says that she has to drive the bus. Gungun asks Ketki to go. She tells Mohan that she will come with Radha. Mohan pleads her to not waste time. Media reporter asks that why it’s taking time for Mohan to save his family.

Radha tells story of Yashodha and Krishna story to Gungun. She pleads her to go. Gungun asks her that if the latter is her Yashodha maa. Radha tells her that Gungun is her daughter. Gungun asks her to come out safely. Radha thinks that it could be their last meeting. She hope that she becomes Gungun’s mother in next birth. She promises to come out safely. Gungun asks Mohan to save Radha. Mohan promises to save Radha. He asks Gungun to come out fast because they don’t have much time. He saves Gungun.

Trivedi family gets relieved seeing that. Mohan asks Ketki to come out. Ketki asks Radha to take care of herself. She walks on the ladder and falls down. But Mohan holds her. He asks her that if she is fine. She tells him that she is safe because of him. She notices that her saree is stuck on the bus and she tears it. He saves her.

Kadambari feels dizzy. Mohan tells her that he is going to save Radha. Police inspector calls Mohan and asks him to bring the students. He asks him to not put students life in danger for Radha’s life. Radha tells Mohan to take the students to their parents. Mohan thinks that how can he leave Radha alone. Kaveri tells Damini that she is glad atleast Radha is stuck. Damini says that her one enemy’s game is over. Radha asks Mohan to not worry about her and go. Gungun says that she won’t go without Radha. Mohan tells her that he will return to save Radha. Radha moves from there.

Episode ends.

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