Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 11th November 2022 Written Update: Mohan returns to save Radha

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Episode begins with Police inspector says that now it’s impossible to save Radha and Mohan. Radha and Mohan are about to get off the bus. Everyone hears bomb blast sound.

Few minutes back

Radha thinks that she may die and she drives the bus. She tells herself that she don’t want to get separated from Mohan but she can’t do anything. She says that she is glad others are safe. Media reporter reports that Mohan saved all the students. Tulsi’s spirit wonders that where is Radha. Students meets their parents. Ketki hugs Ajeet. Rahul hugs Ketki. Parents thanks Mohan.

Police inspector praises Mohan. Mohan asks him that what’s the last step to save Radha. Police inspector tells him that there is no way to save Radha. Mohan asks him that why the latter did not inform about it earlier. Police inspector says that he told everything to Damini and Damini hided it from Mohan.

Mohan asks Damini that why she did not inform him that there is no rescue plan to save Radha. Damini tells him that she choosed students life over Radha’s life. He tells her that he can’t let Radha die. He says that he is going to Radha. She tells him that they can’t save Radha. She says that they won’t forget Radha’s sacrifice. He tells her that Radha is alive still and he will bring Radha back safely.

Media reporter reports that Police don’t have a rescue plan to save Radha. Tulsi’s spirit says that Radha can’t die. She pleads God to save Radha. Radha thinks about her family. She tells God that he gave her everything. She says that she even felt what is love. She recalls the moments she shared with Mohan. She says that she has to kill herself before Mohan returns.

Mohan tells Kadambari that he is going to save Radha. Kadambari tells him that she will accompany him to save Radha. They leaves from there. Damini tries to stop Mohan but fails.

Radha says that she is going to do the right thing. She says that she love Mohan so much. She hears Mohan’s voice. She gets shocked seeing Kadambari and Mohan. She pleads them to return. Mohan tells her that they won’t go. She asks him to not put Kadambari’s life in danger. Kadambari asks Mohan to think a plan to save Radha. Radha tells Mohan that she know he won’t return so she will kill herself. She thanks him for everything. She drives the bus fastly.

Mohan asks Kadambari to increase the speed. Kadambari also drives fastly. Mohan tells her that he has to get into the bus to stop Radha. He gets in the bus. Radha asks him to return. He scolds her for talking about death. He tells her that Tulsi left him and he won’t let her leave. Damini gets worried about Mohan. Gungun says that nothing will happen to Radha and Mohan. She prays to God. Everyone joins her. Mohan keeps the rod on the accelerator and steering. Police inspector says that now less than one minute left for bomb blast. Radha and Mohan reaches the stairs of the bus. Everyone hears bomb blast sound

Episode ends.

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