Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 12th February 2024 Written Update: Radha’s plan backfires

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 12th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tulsi says that this can’t happen. Mohan tries to go to Tulsi but she stops him. She murmurs that she know Radha called her there to prove Mohan is Radha’s husband and she is not Tulsi. But she will prove that Radha is not good person and she will destroy the love and respect which Radha earned from Mohan and Gungun. She thinks that she won’t even hesitate to risk her life for that. She looks at Radha and Mohan and screams this can’t happen and runs from there.


Mohan leaves Radha’s hand and chases Tulsi. Radha looks at her nuptial chain. Tulsi reaches the road and stands on the middle of the road and holds her head. Mohan notices a car is moving towards Tulsi. Radha also comes there and sees this. Mohan runs towards Tulsi and saves her. Tulsi loses her consciousness. He asks her to open her eyes. Radha gets worried about Mohan. Mohan carries Tulsi and puts her in his car. Tulsi looks at Radha. Radha gets shocked seeing this. Tulsi murmurs that now Radha won’t get Mohan and smirks. Mohan gets in the car. Tulsi pretends like she is unconscious. Mohan leaves from there.

Later, Mohan admits Tulsi in the hospital. He tells Tulsi’s medical history to doctor. Doctor tells Mohan to contact Tulsi’s old doctor. He says that this case is complicated and he will start the treatment.

On the other hand, Kadambari says that she don’t know what’s happening in the temple. Gungun asks Kadambari to not worry because Radha and Mohan will handle everything. Ketki picks Mohan’s call and learns about Tulsi’s condition. She informs everything to her family. She says that Tulsi in ICU now. Gungun murmurs that Radha won’t do anything like this deliberately.

In the hospital, Radha asks Mohan that whether he is fine. Mohan tells her that anything would have happened to Tulsi if he did not reach on time then. She asks him to calm down. He says that he won’t forgive himself if anything happened to Tulsi then. He wonders how Tulsi got to know he is in the temple. He assumes that Gungun would have informed Tulsi. Radha tells him that she called Tulsi to the temple.

Meanwhile, Kaveri says that Gungun has to understand Radha’s old enemy was Damini and Radha’s new enemy is Tulsi. She tells Gungun that Radha can go any extend to throw Tulsi out of Mohan’s life. She says that no one saw Damini falling off the cliff except Radha, so she think Radha pushed Damini. Kadambari tells Kaveri to stop it. Kaveri tells Kadambari that Tulsi was in coma for 8 years and Tulsi is not mentally strong now that’s why Radha planned all this to kill Tulsi.

Radha tells Mohan that he is suffering because of Tulsi’s lookalike. Mohan asks her to stop talking nonsense. He says that Tulsi is in this condition because of Radha. Doctor tells Mohan to not give any shock to Tulsi again. Radha asks Doctor that how much Tulsi bribed him. Mohan scolds Radha. Trivedis comes there. Mohan tells Radha to leave from there if she can’t stay silent then. Kadambari drags Radha from there without anyone’s knowledge. She tells Radha that Tulsi will throw Rahul and Ketki too after throwing Radha out of the house. She asks Radha to join hands with her against Tulsi.

Episode ends.

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