Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 12th November 2022 Written Update: Mohan jumps from the bus with Radha

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 12th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan keeps the rod on the steering and accelerator. Police inspector says that now it’s impossible to save Radha and Mohan. Damini is about to leave from there but Kaveri stops her. She tells her that she can’t stay alive if anything happened to Mohan then. Kaveri tells her that the latter can’t do anything now. Mohan and Radha reaches the stairs of the bus. He gets shocked seeing the bus moving fast. He says that he is scared to jump and they can get injured. He adds that who will take care of him if she got injured then.

They shares an eye lock ( Naina song plays in the background ). He recalls that how she used to take care of him. She tells him that she can’t jump. He tells her that he will jump with her. She scolds him. She asks him that what she should do now. He asks her to trust him. She tells him that she trust him. She asks him to return because Gungun will suffer without him. On the other hand, Tulsi’s spirit tells God that he can’t let Radha and Mohan die. She asks that what will happen to Gungun and cries.

Radha tells Mohan that he has to stay alive to see Gungun going to college and getting married. She says that Gungun needs her father. Mohan tells her that Gungun needs her mother too. He reminds her that she is Yashodha maa of Gungun. He remembers that diesel is going to get over. He says that they have to jump before bomb blasts. She hugs him. He jumps from the bus with her and his head hits on the stone. And the blast happens. Everyone gets relieved seeing Radha and Mohan alive.

Radha recalls that how Mohan supported her always and how he saved her ( Title song plays in the background ). Mohan tells her that they should go to police camp because Gungun and others waiting for them. They goes to police camp. Gungun says that if Radha and Mohan are together then it’s a hit. Tulsi’s spirit thanks God for saving everyone.

Kaveri says that Radha and Mohan saved everyone. Everyone claps for Radha and Mohan. Damini stares Mohan. Gungun hugs Radha. Then Ketki hugs Radha. Mohan feels dizzy. Kadambari asks him that if he is fine. He nods at her. She hugs Radha. Mohan smiles at Radha and he loses his consciousness. Everyone gets shocked seeing that. Mohan’s head bleeds.

They admits Mohan in the hospital. They asks Mohan to get up. Radha is about to enter the room. But Doctor stops her. He misunderstands her as Mohan’s wife. He tells her that he can understand her feelings. He says that seems like it’s a internal brain injury and if he is right then Mohan is in critical condition. He asks them to trust God and goes inside.

Episode ends.

Radha thinks that she may die and she drives the bus. She tells herself that she don’t want to get separated from Mohan but she can’t do anything. She says that she is glad others are safe. Media reporter reports that Mohan saved all the students. Tulsi’s spirit wonders that where is Radha. Students meets their parents. Ketki hugs Ajeet. Rahul hugs Ketki. Parents thanks Mohan.

Police inspector praises Mohan. Mohan asks him that what’s the last step to save Radha. Police inspector tells him that there is no way to save Radha. Mohan asks him that why the latter did not inform about it earlier. Police inspector says that he told everything to Damini and Damini hided it from Mohan.

Mohan asks Damini that why she did not inform him that there is no rescue plan to save Radha. Damini tells him that she choosed students life over Radha’s life. He tells her that he can’t let Radha die. He says that he is going to Radha. She tells him that they can’t save Radha. She says that they won’t forget Radha’s sacrifice. He tells her that Radha is alive still and he will bring Radha back safely.

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