Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 13th November 2022 Written Update: Gungun consoles Damini

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 13th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Doctor says that seems like it’s a internal brain injury and if he is right then Mohan is in critical condition. He asks them to trust God. Damini scolds him for asking them to trust God. She warns him to do his job well. He asks her to not talk like that and goes inside. She says that nothing should happen to Mohan. Kadambari tells her that nothing will happen to Mohan. On the other hand, Dulari and Tulsi’s spirit waits for everyone. Dulari goes to the kitchen. Tulsi’s spirit notices that Mohan’s photo got burn.

In the hospital, Vishwanath says that Mohan saved everyone but Mohan’s life in danger. Gungun thinks that she don’t want to lose Mohan like Tulsi. She asks Mohan to get well soon. Vishwanath consoles Kadambari. Ketki says that Mohan is in this condition because he came to save them. Ajeet asks her that how Mohan will stay silent after seeing them in danger. Kaveri asks God that why he is doing all this.

Radha thinks that she can’t let everyone lose their morale. She tells Kadambari that the latter is strongest person for Mohan. She tells Ketki that the latter’s rakhi power is not weak. She asks Ajeet to handle everyone. She tells Vishwanath that he can’t lose hope today. She notices Gungun standing before Mohan’s room. She goes to Gungun and asks her that if the latter is fine. Gungun tells her that she is fine and she know Radha is not fine. She says that Radha would have got scared seeing Mohan like this because Radha love him so much. She tells her that she know nothing will happen to Mohan because God is on their side. Kaveri tells Damini that Radha doing what Damini should have done.

Dulari gets shocked seeing Mohan’s photo. She wonders that if Mohan is in danger. Tulsi’s spirit asks God to not test her again and bring Mohan back safely. She wonders that why no one returned yet.

Gungun reminds Radha that good things happens with good people. She says that Mohan is a good person so nothing will happen to him. Damini tells Radha that she is scared. She pleads her to save Mohan and cries. Radha tells her that nothing will happen to Mohan. Gungun wipes Damini’s tears. She tells her that Mohan will become fine. Radha asks Damini to trust God and hugs her. Damini says that only Radha can understand her pain. She asks her to pray to God for Mohan and hugs her. Kaveri gets shocked seeing everything.

Kadambari tells Damini and Radha that even God can’t decide who love Mohan more and leaves from there. Ketki tells Rahul that Damini is acting. Rahul tells her that Damini love Mohan truly. Dulari calls Ajeet and learns everything about Mohan. Tulsi’s spirit asks her that what happened. Dulari goes inside.

Episode ends.

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