Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 14th November 2022 Written Update: Damini blames Radha for Mohan’s condition

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 14th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gungun offers water to Damini. She asks her to relax because nothing will happen to Mohan. She says that they will pray together. Kaveri coughs seeing that. Damini tells Radha that Gungun needs rest after what all happened today. Radha agrees with her. She asks Gungun to go home. Gungun tells her that she won’t go without Mohan. Radha convinces her to go home. Kadambari tells Rahul to take Gungun to home. Ketki says that she will accompany them. Gungun looks at Mohan. She recalls that how he saved her. She asks him to get well soon. Kaveri coughs seeing Gungun hugging Damini. Ketki takes Gungun from there. Radha cries seeing Mohan. She recalls that how he announced that she is his responsibility.

On the other hand, Rahul, Ketki and Gungun enters the house. Tulsi’s spirit gets happy seeing Gungun. Gungun hugs Dulari. Dulari tells her that she got scared seeing everything on TV. Tulsi’s spirit says that she is unlucky that’s why she can’t even hug her daughter. She wonders that where is Mohan and Radha. Dulari asks them that if Mohan will become fine. Tulsi’s spirit gets shocked hearing her. She asks them that what happened to Mohan.

Kaveri drags Damini out of the hospital. She scolds her for hugging Radha. Damini tells her that she can’t stay alive without Mohan. Kaveri blames her for Mohan’s condition. Damini says that it was Radha’s mistake so she will punish Radha. She tells her that she can get rid of Radha easily because Mohan and Gungun can’t save Radha now. Kaveri praises her daughter’s idea. Damini calls someone and asks that person to reach the hospital.

Tulsi’s spirit asks God that why he is punishing her like this. She says that she can’t even see Mohan and cries. She adds that she can’t help Mohan due to his promise and raksha kavach. Gungun tells God that she trust him completely. She asks him to save Mohan like how he saved everyone. She says that Mohan helped everyone today so God should help Mohan. She pleads him to cure Mohan.

In the hospital, Doctor says that it’s an internal injury for Mohan. He adds that there is blood clot in Mohan’s brain. He informs them that if Mohan don’t regain his consciousness in the next 6 hours then they have to call surgeon for open brain surgery. Everyone gets shocked hearing him except Radha. Radha gets confused hearing him. Doctor explains the surgery. Radha gets scared hearing him. She asks him to find any other way to save Mohan. He tells her that they don’t need surgery if Mohan regained his consciousness before 6 hours then.

Gungun lights diya. She gives prasad to God. She says that God need strength to save Mohan. Kadambari asks that why they are facing all this. Damini consoles her. Maha Pandit ji comes there. He tells Kadambari that she is the reason for Mohan’s condition. Damini smriks hearing him.

Episode ends.

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