Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th November 2022 Written Update: Damini succeeds in her ploy

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Damini says that Hriday came to marry Radha but he throw Gungun into the borehole. Ajeet says that it was not Radha’s mistake. Vishwanath reminds Damini that Radha jumped into the borehole to save Gungun. Damini says that it was Radha’s responsibility to save Gungun because Gungun’s life was in danger due to Radha. She says that Namrata filed for Gungun’s custody case after borehole incident. She adds that they would have lost Gungun due to Radha. She reminds them that kidnapper tried to bury Radha alive and the same kidnapper fixed bomb in Gungun’s school bus. She tells Kadambari that this time too Radha got saved but Mohan fighting for his life. She says that she is sure that Radha is evil shadow in Mohan’s life.

Kaveri thinks that Damini deserves award for her acting. Damini says that Maha Pandit ji said that Mohan’s marriage can save his life but Radha did not let the marriage happen too. She reminds them about the problems which happened in the marriage preparations due to Radha. Kaveri consoles her. She tells Kadambari that Damini is right about Radha. She says that Radha brings problems for Trivedi family always. She asks her to see the truth and throw Radha out of their life.

Radha pleads Kadambari to not do like that. She says that she want to stay there to pray for Mohan. Kadambari pushes Radha’s hand away. She says that she don’t want Radha’s prayer for Mohan. She orders her to leave from there. She says that she won’t even let Radha’s shadow touch Mohan. Radha asks her that why the latter is saying like this. Ajeet says that they are blaming Radha unnecessarily. Kadambari says that she believed Radha unnecessarily. She tells him to bring medicines for Mohan. She asks Shekhar to arrange meal for Maha Pandit ji and leaves from there.

Damini pleads Radha to leave from there for Mohan’s sake. She notices that no one is around there. She tells Radha that they don’t need her now. Radha says that this is Damini’s real face. She realises that Damini acted few minutes back. Damini praises her intelligency. Radha taunts Damini for playing game when Mohan is fighting for his life. Damini tells her that it’s not time to deliver dialogue. She tries to drag Radha. But Radha twists her hand and says that her silence is not her weakness.

Damini threatens her to leave from there silently. Radha challenges her to slap. She warns Kaveri to not interfere. She reminds them that Mohan and Damini’s engagement too happen that day. She says that there is a possibility that Damini is evil shadow in Mohan’s life. She talks about carpet incident and news publishing on the newspaper. She says that she is not blaming Damini for all this because she don’t have proof against her. She adds that she won’t leave without learning the truth.

Episode ends.

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