Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th November 2023 Written Update: Terrorists attacks Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mr. X tells Mohan that seems like he don’t love Radha and Gungun. She says that Radha and Gungun will die because of Mohan’s mistake. Damini wants Mr. X to kill Gungun and Radha. Kadambari tells Mohan to leave Terrorists for Gungun’s sake. Mohan leaves Terrorists. Terrorists beat Mohan up on Mr. X behest. Kadambari pleads Mr. X to leave Mohan. She asks passengers to do something to save Mohan. Bunty warns Kadambari to keep quiet. Gungun asks Terrorists to leave Mohan. Damini and few passengers feels bad for Mohan. Radha tries to go to Mohan and cries. Terrorists throws Mohan on the seat.


Radha kicks Air Hostess leg and runs towards Mohan. But Mr. X holds Radha’s hair and tauntingly tells her that God won’t come to save them. She pushes Radha towards Mohan. She says that she is God of them. She warns them to not try to show their courage. She says that she will kill them if anyone tried to do something then.

Everyone sits on their seat silently. Kadambari tells Gungun to not cry because Mohan is cry. Mohan tells Radha to not cry because he is fine. Radha tells him that he is injured. Damini tells herself that Radha got saved again. She notices Radha’s Lord Krishna idol.

Good Air Hostess informs captain about flight hijack. Mr. X kills her. She tells captain that Air Hostess was right. She tells him to open the door else she will kill passengers one by one. Radha says that they won’t get place in hell too.

Meanwhile, Officer Harsh notices that flight changed it’s  direction. He calls captain and asks about direction change. He learns about police complaint about flight hijack. On the other hand, Police inspector tells Trivedis that flight has been hijacked. Trivedis gets shocked hearing this. Ajeet asks Police inspector to do something. Police inspector takes them from there.

Terrorist records passengers. He spread the video through satellite. Officer Kavita comes there and tells officers that she want to handle this case. Officer reminds her about her last negotiation. She tells him that she lost in her last case and she also lost her daughter that’s why she resigned. He orders Harsh to prepare rejoining letter of Kavita.

Passengers gets worried about their safety. Terrorist tells Maulana to not get scared because the latter is safe. Mr. X tells Terrorist that passengers should think they are Muslims. Gungun asks Mohan that how they will go home. Radha tells her to trust Lord Krishna. Mohan tells Gungun to sit in the seat. Mr. X tells Gungun that Lord Krishna helps everyone. She reveals that they brought their important weapon in Radha’s bag. She informs everything to passengers. Passengers gets shocked hearing this. Mr. X says that they are emotional fools. She tells Radha that they are in this condition because of Radha’s blind faith towards Lord Krishna.

Episode ends.

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