Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 17th May 2022 Written Update: Damini to plan to use Radha to convince Gungun for the marriage

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan17th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha thanks God for sending Gungun at right time. Damini asks her that what kind of happiness the latter gets giving sadness to Mohan. Radha tells her that she can’t even think to do that. She adds that she can even fight with God for Mohan’s happiness. Damini asks her that if the latter thinks that Mohan is happy with whatever happened today. Radha tells her that Mohan is just angry and he will become fine soon. Damini tells her that the latter don’t know anything about Mohan. She drags her from there.

On the other hand, Shekhar asks Mohan to forget about that incident. Mohan asks him that why life keep giving pain to him. He adds that why he is facing all this for just loving Tulsi. Damini makes Radha stand outside Mohan’s room. Mohan tells Shekhar that court released him but still he is the murderer of Tulsi for Gungun. He adds that, that Tulsi plant reminds him about Tulsi’s betrayal. He says that he is trying to forget everything but no one letting him forget it.

He tells him that he can’t forget Tulsi until that Tulsi plant is in the house. He says that he feels suffocated and cries. Shekhar consoles him. He tells him that Gungun will understand him once she grown up. He asks him to give some time to Gungun. Radha hears everything and feels bad. Damini drags her from there again. She asks her that how much pain the latter want to give to Mohan and leaves from there.

Radha goes to Tulsi plant and says that she become the reason for Mohan’s sadness. She adds that she is glad that Damini showed the truth to her. She feels that Damini is the right choice for Mohan. Tulsi’s spirit hears everything and says that Radha misunderstood Damini. Damini’s mother and Damini also hears everything. Gungun takes Radha to her room. She asks her to eat the ‘kheer’ which the latter made to celebrate Tulsi’s birthday. Radha tells her that she will bring Mohan too but the latter refuses. She thinks that she can’t hurt Mohan again.

Damini tells Damini’s mother that Radha should not stay in the house. Kadambari comes there and says that she is still alive to take decision for this house. She asks her that why the latter didn’t inform her about the ‘puja’. She adds that what if Tulsi’s spirit harmed Mohan during the ‘puja’. Damini defends herself and asks Kadambari to throw Radha out of the house. Kadambari tells her that thanks to Radha’s drama that Mohan forget to get tattoo. She reminds her about Mohan’s second condition. She asks her to convince Gungun or else the latter won’t be able to become Mohan’s wife and leaves the room. Damini says that Radha is responsible for everything.

Radha and Gungun eats ‘kheer’. Damini sees that. She tells Damini’s mother that she will make Radha convince Gungun for the marriage. Tulsi’s spirit hears that. Mohan talks to Gungun’s teacher about Gungun’s other activities. He sees Radha with plants and asks her that what is she doing. She tells him that yesterday she learnt that he has problem with Tulsi plant. She realises that what she said and says that she was hiding the Tulsi plant from Mohan. He mockingly tells her that she is really genius. She tells him that her Dadi says that she is immature. She breaks his phone accidentally.

Episode ends.

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