Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th November 2022 Written Update: Radha finds a way to enter the hospital

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha gets shocked seeing Pratap outside the hospital. She recalls that how he tortured her. Pratap thinks that she comes everywhere to ruin his plan and goes inside the hospital. Radha asks Security guard to stop Pratap saying that he is a criminal. Security guard scolds her. Radha notices Kadambari and calls her. Kadambari wonders that why Radha is doing drama still. She moves towards her. Kaveri stops her saying that Radha is evil shadow. She takes her from there. Security guard pushes Radha away.

Damini places a kiss on Mohan’s forehead. She thinks that now no one can separate her from Mohan. Maha Pandit ji asks Kadambari to not think about anything. He says that it’s Kadambari’s responsibility to protect Mohan so she is doing the right thing and leaves from there.

Ketki calls Kadambari and she asks her about Mohan’s marriage. Kadambari tells her that she is doing all this for Mohan’s sake. Ketki asks her to not take wrong decision in hurry. She says that it could be Damini’s plan. Kadambari asks her to stay away from the marriage if the latter is not okay with this decision then.

Radha sees group of people entering the hospital and she tries to enter with them. She stops seeing Kaveri near the gate. Kaveri tells her that she know the latter will return. She takes the stick from Security guard and she beat Radha up. She says that this time she will beat her more. She adds that she will blacken her face like last time. Radha holds the stick. She understands that it’s Kaveri who beat her up near the temple. She asks her that why the latter did it. Kaveri pushes her. She warns Security guard to not let Radha enter the hospital and goes inside. Security guard yells at Radha.

Tulsi’s spirit asks Rahul to stop the marriage because Damini don’t deserve to become his sister in law. She locks the door. Rahul knocks the door. Dulari tries to open the door but Ketki stops her. Rahul asks Ketki to open the door. Ketki orders Dulari to not open the door. Dulari tells Ketki that there is a ghost in the house because they did not lock the door.

Kaveri tells Kadambari that Damini looking beautiful in bride look. She says that they don’t even know Mohan will survive or not still Damini is ready to marry Mohan because Damini love Mohan so much. Vishwanath tells Kadambari that she is a good mother to Mohan so she can take decision for Mohan’s life. Kadambari says that Damini and Mohan’s marriage will happen now.

Radha says that Mohan’s life in danger due to Pratap. She calls Ajeet. Damini snatches Ajeet’s phone from him. Radha wonders that how Pratap knows that Mohan is in this hospital. She says that she has to stop the marriage first. She finds a way to enter the hospital.

Episode ends.

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