Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th December 2022 Written Update: Radha becomes Mohan’s bride 

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kaveri is about to remove Radha’s veil. Tulsi’s spirit makes Kaveri fall down. Kaveri searches her specs. Ketki asks Kaveri to open the door. Kaveri finds her broken specs. Ketki threatens to call everyone. Kaveri thinks that she has to put Radha in the suitcase before everyone comes. She asks Damini to help her. She scolds Ketki for screaming. She assumes that Damini is not helping her because Damini don’t want to get tired. She says that she can’t see anything properly and she has to do everything alone. She puts Damini inside the suitcase assuming her as Radha. She gets happy when light comes. She takes her spare specs and wears it.

She notices that Damini changed her dress. She says that Damini is going to become daughter in law of Trivedi so the latter has rights to change dress in every one hour. Ketki asks Kaveri to open the door. Kaveri opens the door. She asks Damini to get up. Gungun wonders that how Radha will get up now. Tulsi’s spirit asks Gungun to not worry. She uses her power and makes Radha walk. They goes downstairs. Kadambari tells Priest that bride has been arrived. Gungun says that now Radha and Mohan’s marriage will happen. She gets happy that she taught a lesson to Damini. She tells herself that important person is missing and goes inside. 

Kaveri asks Damini that why the latter is not saying anything. Tulsi’s spirit notices raksha kavach and she stops using her power. Everyone wonders that why Damini is not moving. Tulsi’s spirit falls down and she thinks that if Radha fell down then everyone will get to know that bride is not Damini. Kadambari asks Damini that why the latter had stopped. Kaveri asks Damini that what the latter is doing. She tells her that Mohan will leave if he got angry then. Mohan asks Damini that if the latter is fine. 

Tulsi’s spirit wonders that what she is going to do. She asks God to do something. Kadambari is about to remove Damini’s veil but Gungun stops the former. Gungun brings the idol of Krishna. Tulsi’s spirit says that Damini’s evil power can’t win against God. Gungun says that God decides couple and they should accept it. She tells Kadambari that today is an important day in Mohan’s life so she should become part of it.

Mohan gets emotional hearing her and hugs her. He tells her that he is relieved now. She asks him to get married and they can talk later. Kadambari suspects Gungun. Mohan tells her that they should trust Gungun and he is proud of his daughter. He says that he know Gungun is happy today. Gungun breaks the raksha kavach when she entered the marriage mandap. Tulsi’s spirit notices that and thanks God. Ketki steps on Radha’s veil. Tulsi’s spirit moves Radha without noticing it. Radha’s veil gets removed which shocks Tulsi’s spirit. Mohan turns around. 

Episode ends. 

Episode begins with Gungun tells herself that she need bridal outfit for Radha. She notices Damini and removes her jewels. Tulsi’s spirit tells Gungun to remove Damini’s kangan dora too. Gungun fails to move Damini. Tulsi’s spirit opens the cupboard. Gungun finds leganga in the cupboard. She tells herself that Radha will look beautiful in this leganga. She drags Radha and Tulsi’s spirit helps her.

On the other hand, Mohan wonders that if he is doing the right thing because he is doing all this for Gungun and she is not with him. Kadambari tells him that she is also sad that Gungun is not there. She says that Radha and Gungun are not understanding what’s right and what’s wrong and she will make them understand after the marriage. She asks him to smile because he is the groom.

Gungun makes Radha wear leganga and she puts make-up on Radha’s face ( Maa meri song plays in the background ). She makes Radha wear jewels. Tulsi’s spirit smiles seeing everything. Gungun places a kiss on Radha’s forehead. She wonders that why she is crying on this happy moment. Tulsi’s spirit tells her that it’s happy tears. Mohan recalls the moments he shared with Radha.

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