Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Radha saves Mohan from Pratap

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Damini turns around and notices Radha’s stretcher. She thinks that that can’t be Radha and leaves from there. Wardboys keeps the stretcher and leaves from there to eat. Kaveri gets scared seeing the stretcher moving. She thinks that ghost is roaming and it’s common in the hospital. Doctor asks her that if everything is fine. She nods at him. She thinks that she need to stay calm or else Damini will kill her and leaves from there.

Priest asks to bring the bride and groom. Kadambari and Damini brings Mohan there. Radha sees Mohan hiding in the stretcher. Priest starts chanting mantras. Damini thinks that finally her wait is over. Priest asks them to exchange the marriage garlands. Radha thinks that if she went before them then Kadambari will throw her out of the hospital. Damini puts garland around Mohan’s neck. Radha gets off the stretcher and hides behind it. Damini makes Mohan put garland around her neck.

Tulsi’s spirit slaps Rahul. Rahul misunderstands that Ketki slapped him. Ketki tells him that she did not slap him. He closes the main door from outside. Ketki and Gungun pleads Rahul to open the door. Rahul tells himself that today Damini and Mohan’s marriage will happen for sure.

Priest says that Mohan should fill Damini’s forehead with vermilion. Damini notices that Mohan can get up anytime. She thinks that she need 2 to 4 hours to complete the marriage rituals. Kadambari asks her that what happened. Doctor says that Mohan’s pulse becoming weak so he has to inject Mohan. Kadambari tells him that groom can’t leave the marriage mandap now. Priest says that they can take Mohan. Radha notices Damini murmuring to Doctor. Damini asks Doctor to inject Mohan. Doctor tells her that he won’t inject Mohan. She tells him that Pratap will inject Mohan. Doctor takes Mohan from there.

Damini messages Pratap to inject Mohan and she is waiting in the marriage mandap. Doctor gives syringe to Pratap and asks him to inject Mohan once he leaves. Pratap asks him that if the latter is afraid of syringe. Doctor tells him that he injects to save people and he is not a killer. He leaves the room. Kaveri searches canteen to buy milkshake for Damini. Radha searches Mohan’s room. She hides seeing Kaveri.

Pratap recalls that how he got beaten up by Mohan. Radha finds Mohan’s room and she barges into the room. She sees Pratap and she attacks him. He locks the door and tells her that this time she can’t escape. He says that even Mohan is unconscious now so no one can save Radha from him. Damini wonders that why Doctor did not bring Mohan yet. Kadambari asks Ajeet to check that where is Radha. Damini decides to go to Mohan’s room. Pratap falls down when trying to attack Radha. Radha asks him that who hired him.

Episode ends.

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