Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Radha learns about Damini’s wrongdoings

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha escapes from Goons. Goons chases Radha. Mohan thinks that he felt like he saw Radha. He picks Shekhar’s call and learns that Radha has not found yet. On the other hand, Kadambari asks Gungun to not cry. Gungun tells her that she wants to go to Radha.

Kadambari tells her that Radha will return. Tulsi’s spirit keeps Radha’s duppta on Gungun’s lab. Gungun hugs the duppata. Kadambari thanks Tulsi’s spirit in her mind. She thinks that she knows Tulsi’s spirit is there. Kadambari tells Gungun that God won’t let anything happen to Radha. Tulsi’s spirit asks God to protect Radha.

Goon calls Damini and he informs her that Radha escaped. Damini scolds him. He asks her that what he should do. She tells him to kill Radha. She warns him to not make any mistake and disconnects the call. She says that Radha has to die. Mohan tells himself that he will find Radha no matter what.

Damini gets shocked seeing Radha in the house. Radha strangles her in front of everyone. She tells her that she knows that the latter is behind everything. Damini tries to speak but Radha did not let her speak. Radha tells her that she knows the latter brought Hriday to this house. She says that today Damini sent goons to kill her.

Kadambari asks Damini that if Radha telling the truth. Radha tells Kadambari that she is telling the truth. Everyone asks Damini to say something and it turns out to be Damini’s dream. Police officer informs Damini that his team found the identity of the kidnappers. He asks them to not go outside without informing him.

Radha hides from goons. She notices Mohan’s car. She screams Mohan’s name. Goons sees Radha. Mohan turns his car. Goons drags Radha from there. Mohan screams Radha’s name. He blames himself for everything and leaves from there. Goon tells Radha that he will teach a lesson to her. They puts her in the van and leaves from there.

Gungun stands in front of God. She tells God to protect Radha from kidnappers. Ketki tells Kadambari that Gungun could become ill if it continued then. Kadambari tells her that she is also worried about Gungun’s health. Kaveri reminds Damini that the latter going to Gungun’s mother. Damini tells Gungun that Radha will return. Gungun asks her to not say anything. She says that she know Damini don’t want Radha to return. She says that she won’t eat anything and stand like this until Radha returns.

Damini goes inside to pick a call. She praises goon for catching Radha. Kadambari comes there. She asks her that if the latter is behind Radha’s kidnap. Damini scolds her for doubting her. Kadambari asks her to not raise her voice. She tells her to not forget that who is she. She says that she won’t spare Damini if she got to know that Damini is behind Radha’s kidnap then. She leaves from there. Meanwhile, Mohan fights with police officer. Police officer scolds him for his carelessness. He assumes Radha as Mohan’s wife. Mohan recalls that how he did not allow Radha enter the house. He blames himself for Radha’s kidnap.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Mohan opens the door. Kaveri asks Mohan that if he really want to bring Radha home. Damini hears her and comes downstairs. She thinks that she has to stop Mohan. She closes the door before Mohan sees Radha. She asks him that what is he doing. He tells her that Gungun won’t eat anything until Radha enters the house. She tells him that this behaviour of Gungun is not good. She says that if they fulfilled Gungun’s every demands then Gungun won’t learn what is right and what is wrong. She tells him that she is going to be Gungun’s mother and Gungun’s upbringing is her responsibility.

Gungun tells her that the latter can’t become her mother. She tells Mohan that Damini don’t want Radha to return to the house. She says that Sundari and Rameshwar returned to their house so Radha is alone. Gungun asks her to not talk in between elders. Mohan says that Gungun is right. He asks Damini to move. He opens the door. He wonders that where Radha went. Everyone searches Radha. Gungun scolds Mohan. Mohan tells her that Radha must be there only. She tells him that he hurt Radha so Radha left. He tells her that he knows Radha and she must be there only. Goons drags Radha from there. She tries to scream. But they makes her unconscious.

Damini tells Mohan that Radha is not a kid so they should respect her decision. Mohan tells her that Radha is there only. He shows Lord Krishna’s idol to her. Gungun says that Radha won’t go anywhere without Lord Krishna’s idol. Mohan says that Radha is in danger. Ajeet says that they have to see the CCTV footage. Everyone goes inside. They gets shocked seeing goons kidnapping Radha. Kadambari asks that who are they. Mohan says that it happened 5 minutes back so they must be near the house only. He runs out of the house. He notices the car number. He calls Shekhar and informs him about Radha’s kidnap and van number.

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